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How Stay Happy All Time Any Matter- Happily Motivated

Posted by Happily Motivated on June 8th, 2018

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. – Dalai Lama

Isn’t it a great quote by Dalai Lama, beautifully written about Happiness? Everyone wants to be happy but happiness has different meanings for everyone. It is a feeling that is felt in different situations but it should be felt every day, in every moment because someone has rightly said that life is very short and we should enjoy every moment and try to make others happy at the same time. Motivational speakers always say that our happiness is in our hands.

If you want to be happy, be. –  Leo Tolstoy

I know that all the lines written above are easier to say than done but at the same time it’s true that continuously feeling sad about something won’t make a problem small; crying won’t solve our issues or make them easier. Nobody is happy all the time but sometimes we keep finding faults with our lives and ignore the numerous blessings (small or big) we have got. So, I wanted to share with you guys the ways I am trying to implement in my life to stay happy.

– The first thing that I think is the major key in order to become a happy person is to know that you are completely in control of your own emotions. When you wake up every morning you can choose to be in a good mood or you can choose to be in a bad mood for the whole day. I also think that we have a lot more power than we really give ourselves. You can really choose to be happy in just about any situation that life throws you in, you can find the positive side, kind of like they say every glass is half full or half empty, you can choose to look at your glass as you want. So the first thing that I try to do is find the positive in everything. I would like to share the incidence of my Daddy’s accident that happened last year, it was in December and it was really very cold and the accident was bad, he had major injuries in his leg. As I visited home, he was in so much pain and it was hard to see him like that and I started crying but my mother told me that instead of crying I should be thankful to God that he is with us. Then I realised that we can find something positive in every bad situation.

– Count your blessings no matter how big or small, every single detail from the moment you wake up like clothes, breakfast, your body, your hands, legs and the fact that you have got one more day to live, to make a positive change in your life, in world, for your family. There are so many people that don’t have what we have. Counting your blessings and being grateful for that can make a huge difference in your life.

– Another point is that you don’t have to figure out the rest of your life today. A lot of time we would get over stressed and feel like if we take one day to rest, the whole world is going to end. Sometimes, it’s okay to not to do anything. Don’t over think every little detail, and I wish I could implement that in my life earlier. Basically what I am trying to say is don’t miss out on today planning tomorrow. If you don’t figure out everything today, it would be alright. Take a good nap because when I am not getting proper sleep, I stay irritated the whole day, can’t bear loud music, don’t feel like talking to someone. So yeah! take proper sleep, it would automatically put you in good mood, so get into your bed take some rest, it would really help, I promise 😀 at least try to compensate on weekends if you have a very busy life like me.

– Stay away from the negative people, when you surround yourself with people that are grumpy and negative, you would notice that you would start feeling in a bad mood yourself. And when you are around with someone that’s positive and happy and smiling, it would be hard to stay in a bad mood around such people, whether its friends or family.

– Listen to good music, most of the times when we are sad, we listen to sad music and that just increases your sadness. So, listen to good music, make a positive playlist, lay in your bed, put on your headphones or do things that make you happy, pamper yourself, take a long walk that would clear your head and reduce the stress, cuddle with your pet, take a warm bath, such small things would make a big difference to your day.

– Do yoga, Pilates or any form of exercise that you like or dance in your room, eat healthy, with that being said, not to neglect yourself, you can take care of others only and only if you take care of yourself first and it’s not being selfish at all.

– Sometimes it’s okay to get your emotions out, to cry, or discuss the matters with someone close to you. Instead of holding it in, it’s okay to let it go out. Nobody in this world has a perfect life 24X7 and it’s not fun to pretend that you do. If you discuss the matter with your family or friends, they can help you get through it.

– Read motivational books, listen to podcasts or watch motivational videos. You can listen to motivational podcasts before going to sleep or in the morning when you are getting ready, I do the same and that’s quite good.

– Don’t compare yourself to anyone else e.g. when we look at fashion magazines and beautiful models in it, we want to look like them and feel bad about our body without realising that a huge amount of money is spent on their makeup and attire  and everything is done by professionals. When we compare our lives with others’ that’s just setting yourself to fail, there is always someone whose life is harder than you. In reality, God made you the way you are, for a reason and you need to start focusing on yourself.

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