Top 10 Methods to Use Wall Clocks with Maximum Impact

Posted by Chomko LA on June 8th, 2018

A clock is a tool to keep, measure, and indicate the time. The rotary clock is the oldest inventions of human, meeting the need to measure intervals of time shorter than the natural units. Timepieces can make a big statement with their graphic nature and can fill a wall like nothing else. In this article, we are sharing some of the methods of using a clock in interior design:

1.    Color splash

If you have a neutral room, using a bright color clock can set the theme, as well as adding accents of color to your design scheme.

2.    Make a statement

Rotary clocks can blend into your home design by using the same color palate or tone as the wall or become the standout, focal point or centerpiece for a room by using an oversized wall clock.

3.    Tick tock, tick tock: Wall clocks don’t simply have visual appeal, the rhythm of a clock with it’s with moving parts and spinning cogs can be very steady and relaxing. It is good for a calming living room.

4.    Make it unique for your home: Some clocks can be personalized. A clock with the addition of family name in it can make a special addition to your home.

5.    A link to loved ones: Hanging some wall clocks in a row set to a few various world time zones is a method to feel connected with those you miss. Pair the clocks with photos, maps for good impact.

6.    Collector’s pieces: With such a broad spectrum of clocks available, clocks can be fun to collect. Even spread throughout the home, rather in one room can delight staying guests.

7.    Gallery wall: Displaying multiple timepieces of various colors, sizes, and shape is a method of making a dramatic feature wall display in your own home.

8.    Taking piece: Hanging an antique, quirky, and mechanical clock in a prominent position in your home in the kitchen or dining room is a fantastic talking point to break any awkward dinner party silences.

9.    Time stands still: Royal clock can be used to mark special events.

10.    Instant update: Want to update your room but don’t want to spend enough money. Wall clocks are ideal for instant fixes, spicing up a room with their elegant shapes and interesting designs.

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