Why Raw food versus cooked food? Some Facts

Posted by john roone on June 11th, 2018

The debate regarding the advantages of benefits of raw foods over cooked foods has gained quite a lot of strength in past few years with experts coming up with logical explanations backed with scientific data. Let us understand the benefits and then make a well-informed choice.

There is no doubt that the taste of cooked food is very good but at the same time, it is imperative to understand that in cooked food, its nutritional contents undergo change and do not offer as much benefits as raw foods. There are many vitamins that gets lost in a food when cooked while at the same time, many becomes available for the use of the body.

Many health experts believe that eating raw food paves way for better health but one cannot overlook the fact that there are nutritional benefits in some cooked foods too. Thus, making a better judgment is very difficult. Organic food & its benefits are ample but getting hold of foods that are totally organic in nature is challenging. Many farmers use a lot of pesticides and fertilizers to protect their yield and increase it at the same time.

Understanding the concept of raw food diet

Before embracing the concept, it is important to understand that raw foods are ones that have never been cooked or processed. The levels of raw food diet vary and entail eating uncooked, unheated or unprocessed foods. The diet has almost 70 percent of raw food. It includes sprouted grains, fermented foods, seeds and nuts besides raw vegetables and fruits. Many food lists eliminate animal products completely from the diet and take vegan or vegetarian diet. They prefer eating raw plant foods. Many of them also consume fish, dairy produce and raw food.

As per nutritionists, when compared with cooked food, the nutritional value of raw foods is high. This is because many nutrients and enzymes gets destroyed in the process of cooking. Many people are of view that food that is cooked may actually turn out to be toxic in many ways.

One must add more raw vegetables and fruits to the diet but at the same time one must be aware of the potential problems that can be faced in a raw-food diet. Embracing and adding vegetarian cuisine has become a part of life for many people as they have understood the advantages and benefits of the same.

With growing awareness among people about healthy eating, the concept of raw food has gained a lot of popularity and finds a lot of takers all over the world. Many restaurants have also started serving vegetarian dishes as a result. Thus, it is important to choose diet that brings good health to you and ensure your fitness.

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