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Posted by YogiBabu on June 11th, 2018

If you are among the millions who are searching for government jobs in India then you are in the right place. The fact is 50% of graduated people are not having a job and 25% of the people are not satisfied with their current job so there is only one option for them in India, Which is "Government Job" but it's not as easy as it looks, Millions apply for 15 vacant posts and only the best get the jobs. The rest will be trying again and again. But we cant blame the government for this scenario because our population is high.

So to overcome this, people have to work at private organizations for a very low salary and take care of their family. Whether they like it or not they have to go to the job. Thinking they will get the government job one day they are leading their lives with hope and working hard to fulfill their dreams.

If you ask me only the government jobs are good? Nope there are a lot of private sectors who treat their employees good like banks, They take care of their employees well and have fixed working hours and a hefty pay but the scenario is same here, the competition will be here waiting for you. But in here if you are talented enough you can get the job, But you to work hard for that to overcome the competition in India. You should be patient to get the job, You have to upgrade yourself with high knowledge of GK, Current Affairs, Aptitude.

Perks Offered By Government Jobs

Great Pay
Dearness Allowance
Free Accommodation
Transport Allowance
Children Education Allowance

These are the common perks offered by the government to the employees, And it differs for some specific departments.

Perks Offered By Private Sectors

Weekends holiday
Good pay

Actually, there is no such thing as a perk in a private sector, They try to utilize you until you drain. That's the reason many quit their high paying jobs and start a business or something which they can stand on their own and achieve greatness. Many have made that dream come true. Its commonly known as "The Startup Dream" which is popular among techies.

Disadvantages Of Private Jobs

No fixed working hours if the boss demands you have to stay late and complete everything. 
Job Security
Irregular shifts.

These are the disadvantages of the private jobs that are commonly known.

So this is the current situation going in India, If you are planning your career choose wisely. This is the time you can plan. Once you have decided you cant do anything you have to accept the fate and work on a job which you don't like. In case if you are looking for Up Sarkari Naukri 2018 you can visit Govtkb. It's a Government job portal specific for Indians who are searching for government jobs and the good news is The service is totally "Free" So that it can benefit all the people in India. 

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