Electrical hot water repairs in NSW and Queensland

Posted by Madison on June 11th, 2018

Do you want electric hot water repairs? Introducing Essential Energy Solutions which have solutions to Australia’s problem of hot water.

Repair the water heater, if you need a technical service to repair electric heaters, our work is dedicated to the urgent repair of all brands of electric heaters.

If your heater has stopped working and you can not get the hot water as you have always done. Do not hesitate to call us at the telephone number 1300 639 363. The fault of the heater will be solved on the same day that you request it to us.

As a service technician of heaters, we have been working for several years to solve any problem of the heater. When a client tells us that he needs us to go to check or repair the heater, we send a technician with the necessary tools and materials so that the repair is done at home the same day of his call.

All the technicians of our staff are specialized professionals trained to repair any electric heater failure of all brands and models.

All the members of our technical heater repair service have the permits and licenses that authorize them to carry out the repair and installation of electronic heaters. 

Common Causes of Electric Heater Failure:

  1. In the electronic heaters, one of the most common faults is the change of the microswitch ignition, it is not a fault that causes great cost, but the heater does not work if this piece is not changed.
  2. Another of the most common faults in electronic heaters is when you have to change the elements of resistance that with common use are burned.
  3. We have taken care of cases in which the client tells us that the heater works correctly, but does not give hot water. In most cases, it is usually the membrane that has been drilled and the cold water is mixed with the hot water.

Do not hesitate to call us for any questions, remember that first tell us the brand of the device and then briefly describe your problem. We’ll be waiting for your call and will be more than happy to solve your problem. See you at your home!

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