What is the difference between mobile testing, web application testing, and data

Posted by cynthiawilliams2304 on June 12th, 2018

Wide varieties of applications are available in today’s world. They are native app, web app and the hybrid app. The web app and the native and hybrid app are different. The native app is built with swift or objective-c in case of the IOS phones and Java in case of android phones. Web mobile apps are built with HTML5 or Javascript. The Mobile Testing Training practical oriented approach of the trainer's aids for the better job opportunity. Hybrid apps are built with HTML5, Javascript, cross-platform frameworks like React, Ionic, Sencha, and Xamarin.

What is new in Appium 1.8?

Appium1.8 is based on W3C Web driver which is helpful to translate, install, upgrade and remove app along with test code. The 'other Apps' is the option which helps the test engineers to decide which app to reside on the device. Ios simulators support the ios screen. It also aids to validate the screen. These are the some of the new features in the Appium1.8. The Mobile Application Training in Chennai is the right choice for the beginners.

Ten tools which makes the job of a mobile tester easy:

Jira, Github, Jenkins, selenium, Appium, Espresso, robotium, IntelliJ IDEA, Docker, slack and test object are the tools which make the job of the mobile tester easy. Let me discuss about these tools in detail. JIRA is the tool which is used for the agile environment in the software development lifecycle. Github is the Git takes care of source code management and revision control. Git works through the web-based graphical interface, desktop one and a mobile integration. Mobile Application Testing Training in Chennai requires prior testing knowledge with some other tool but android development knowledge is not required. It controls the access and collaboration features such as wikis, task management, feature requests, bug tracking, etc. Jenkins functions for the continuous integration services and it is written in the Java language. So, to operate the Jenkins java knowledge is required for the tester. It runs on servlet container and it is the server based tool. It is easy to complete the Apache Ant and Apache Maven projects with the help of Jenkins tool and it supports the SCM tools. It provides plugins for the development, deployment and automation. Mobile Testing Training in Chennai gives right knowledge about the tools used in the market. Selenium is the software testing tool which uses the web driver protocol and it automates the web application.

Appium is used for native, hybrid and mobile web apps and it is the open source tool for the testing. Source code is not required for this tool as it is black box testing. Expresso is the tool which is developed by the Google. Expresso is an open source tool for the mobile testing which makes the usage of the tool and learning the tool much easier. The expresso is written in Java and it is white box testing. The two types of files involved in the testing process are app APK and test APK. IntelliJ IDEA is developed by jet brains and is available as an Apache2 licensed software. IntelliJ IDEA is a java and IDE based tool for the software development. Docker is the used for the deployment process. This tool automates the deployment process.

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