Mobil PVC canvas fabric water bladder tank for forest fire prevention

Posted by zlmaterial on June 12th, 2018

Mobil PVC canvas fabric water bladder tank for forest fire prevention

Every year, large areas of forests are contiWATER STORAGE TANK (4).jpgnuously reduced because of forest fires. Fires are devastating to forests. We have to protest the forests, as the forest has played a big role in us. It’s a biological oxygen generator, it absorbs harmful carbon dioxide, creates the oxygen needed by the body.

Water is the natural enemies of fire. We must make better use of water to solve forest fires. Forests basically rely on mountains to grow. Basically, there can be no water on the mountains. How do we make artificial water in the mountains? PVC fabric mobil water storage bladder tank has gradually received people’s attention and is increasingly accepted by people. What are the characteristics of this type of mobile bladder tank?

1, material types:

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tarpaulin canvas fabric.

2, temperature stability:

No flow, no bubbling, no slip at high temperatures; no brittle cracking at low temperatures. It can also be considered as the ability to maintain the original performance under a certain temperature change.

3, mechanical strength, extension,  fracture resistance:

The property of not breaking under the load stress and deformation conditions within the allowable range of the building structure.

4, flexibility:

As a waterproof material, it is especially required to have low-temperature flexibility to ensure easy construction and no brittleness.

5, atmospheric stability:

Excellent aging and erosion resistant under the long-term comprehensive effects of sunlight, heat, oxygen and other chemical erosion media, microbial erosion media and other factors.

6, water resistance:

Under the pressure of water, it has exellent water impermeability

As a result, mobile water bladder tanks play an important role in the forest fire prevention work. They can timely transport forest water sources.

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