Maintenance and Precautions of Metal Frame Swimming Pool

Posted by zlmaterial on June 12th, 2018

In recent years, there have been many people who invest in metal frame swimming pools because of their low costs, high returns, and freedom from site constraints. They are favored by many investors, but most investors do not know how to maintain the support pool, which greatly shortens the using life of swimming pools. Then what should you pay attention to when using the metal frame swimming pool and how can you properly maintain it?

Tools / raw materials
Metal frame swimming pool  
Pool maintenance kit

What is Metal frame swimming pool  
The metal frame swimming pool is a combination of steel tub conpponents and  PVC tarpaulin linning. The main body is a steel pipe frame, and the pool body is made of special-purpose high-precision double-sided PVC coating cloth for high-frequency welding heat and molding. With high tear , anti-friction, anti-aging, beautiful appearance, etc., and easy to set up, safe to use, clean and sanitary, no need for special venues. The conventional shape of the support pool is rectangular, and it can also be customized to the size of the site according to the size of the site.

Metal frame swimming pool maintenance
Steel tubes should often be scrubbed with a cloth and kept clean to avoid rusting of the steel tubes.
To maintain PVC fabrics, keep the water in the holder pool clean, and after the metal frame swimming pool is used up every quarter, the green moss on the bottom of the pool should be wiped off, and then dry the metal frame swiming pool by putting it in well-ventilated area and packaged into the storage.
If any damage is found, repair it as soon as possible. Firstly, cut a small PVC tarpaulin patch from maintainance kit. The sized patch cut should be 3 times the size of repaired area, preferably shaped round or oval. Then make a primer treatment by cleaning the repaired area and the repair patch, keeping them try and using the glue in maintainance kit, wait until the glue is dry, then use the glue to the repaired area and the repair patch that just glue and dried again, and stick the two sides. After that you can press it b a roller and then use the leveling weight to suppress it for 24 hours.
metal frame swimming pool11

Put metal frame swimming pool on the horizontal and clean ground, spread pool cloth, install tubes from bottom to top around the pool so that they stand upright on the ground, and install the water pipes to the automatic water purification machine;
When filling the water, it is necessary to first inject cold water, then fill in hot water, and open the automatic water purification machine filter pool water to make the pool water temperature uniform from top to bottom, and measure the temperature through a thermometer to control the water temperature at about 35°C;
When not in use, the water is immediately drained and the water is stored for a long time. Otherwise The water quality may be contaminated, and even the steel tubes may be corroded, which will shorten the service life of the product.

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