Naveta d?es Tudons

Posted by Catalunya Casas on June 12th, 2018

The island of Menorca is rich in history, from the numerous architectural wonders found in Mahon, to the Catedral De Ciutadella, it is no wonder that so many people chose to get a vacation rental in Menorca. If you want to see something unique to the island of Menorca, then look no further than the Naveta d’es Tudons, a type of tomb that is found nowhere else in the world.

The tombs were created using the cyclopean technique, which mean that large stones are fitted together much in the same way as a dry stone wall, with no form of cement holding them together.

 Naveta d’es Tudons

In the 1960s, an excavational dig was carried out at the site, and from which the remains of hundreds of skeletons were found, from both genders. Additionally, the archaeologists were also able to find the personal items of those that were hurried in the chamber, such as bronze bracelets and weapons, and bone buttons.

The shape of the naveta was built in the shape of in upturned boat, and is split into two levels. This is where the chamber got its name, from the word 'nave' in Spanish meaning boat. Once entering the nateva, you enter a passageway with one entrance leading to the upper chamber and one leading to the lower. Visitors are unfortunately unable to enter the building for both safety and preservative reasons, but it is still well worth a visit from your Menorca holiday rental to see such a remarkable piece of history.

One of the most interesting Menorcan tales are associate with this site. The story tells of two giants who were both fighting for the love of a single girl. One of the giants decided that he would build a structure of an upside down boat on the planes of Es Tudons, while the other would drill a well until he managed to strike water. It was decided that the first person to complete their task would win the heart of the girl.

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