4 Ways to Enhance the Room with Ottoman and Pouffes

Posted by Naveen Jain on June 13th, 2018

Are you looking for something that could add the missing charm to your living room? Or looking for the tips to renovate your space? Then you should go for the fantastic footstools that could make your interiors impressive by there mere presence.

In today’s decor, ottomans hold utmost significance. These can be used as a storage unit, extra seat and you can even use it as a platform to serve beverages and snacks to your guests.

We can’t overlook the style statement and appeal these missing gems add to the living room. So, give your interiors an exciting makeover, as these are not only a visual treat for eyes but are also a functional and comfortable piece of furniture.

Ottomans are basically seating space which has a wooden frame as the foundation and upholstery for comfortable seating place; these have legs, unlike pouffes which do not have legs as these are just big cushions.
The multi-utility of this unit, make them stand tall in the league of leading furniture units.

Irrespective of the small size, ottoman and pouffe are the most used and preferred units in an abode as per the interior designers worldwide.
It has various utilities; you can use it to sit or to keep in front of the chairs as a footstool, to stretch and relax.

But what else does it do? Is it just constrained to being a seating place? No, let us find out what else these fantastic units have for us.

1. Additional Seating space:
If you have an apartment with an open floor plan, i.e., you share seating places between two areas such as, if the dining and living room have common space then these ottomans are an excellent idea for your apartment.
These can be used as a seating place for dinner and can also be used as a small couch by throwing some pillows over it.

2. The multi-functionalities of beautiful ottoman:
Ottomans and pouffes can be used in numerous ways, such as you can create a separate seating area in a nook of a room by placing four or five ottomans or pouffes in a group around a coffee table and enjoy playing cards or ludo with your friends or family.

You can also use this as a table to serve beverages or snacks, but be careful of the spills as it could stain the fabric.
Use it as a footstool to rest your legs it would benefit you with proper circulation of blood in the body.
In addition to this, it can be used to clear away the clutter by providing ample space to store toys, books or magazines or other knick-knacks.

3. Your back get benefit from ottoman:
When your body is not correctly aligned, it leads to less flow of blood through every part of the body. Thus, leading to numbness, weakness, back pains, and difficulty in breathing properly.

An ottoman or a pouffe can help you relax your body in a more natural position.
Like, if you are shorter and your legs are not touching the floor, it will cause numbness in your foot, hence place an ottoman in front of the chair. This will help you relax and lead to better blood circulation.
And, if you are taller and when you sit on a chair you feel like you are squatting, place a pouffe or ottoman and stretch your legs.
With an ottoman and a pouffe, your legs stay in correct place you're able to maintain proper posture.

4. Conserve the floor space with ottoman’s abilities:
If you are scanning for something that could provide a place to sit but doesn't occupy much of the floor space then, ottomans and pouffes are the perfect solutions to conserve space.

These can be pulled out from the storage room when required. And some of the designs of these beautiful seating have casters or rollers beneath them which ease out the movement of taking them out.
When not needed, tuck away these seating under the table.

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