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Posted by Oaky Web on June 13th, 2018

Designing is an art of creative ideas and give them a graphical or contextual shape to share your ideas, so is web designing, where designer uses the unique combination of text and images to explore the thought world web wide via digital platform called internet. Different designing implementations used by designers at web Design Company in India are:

Static Website Design

In general a static site is strict to its size and the length or width does not change as per changed screen size but it static website is much more than it. HTML based web design or development does not give any feasibility of adding more web pages or functionalities on a portal, the site is static to it features and functionalities. Such sites are good for those work profile which don’t require any change in future for long such as educational site, organizational sites.

Dynamic Website

It is the widely used platform for e-commerce website and web application development. Web Design and Development Company in Delhi NCR is highly approaching CMS based dynamic website development for various reasons. The major gaining feature of a dynamic website is it not only gives flexibility of development but to client’s end too.

Fixed Design Layout

A site with fixed width size is known as fixed designing. Components have the rational size with screen layout hence whenever the site is accessed over a big screen size or smaller, pixels get failed to coordinate according. Such sites are screen fixed layout that is designed according to it. A static or dynamic website can be designed with fixed layout.

Responsive web design

In couples of years back websites were not mobile-friendly and an internet user has to use PC willingly or unwillingly but technology is getting advanced day by day resultant website are getting mobile-friendly, you can access website without spoiled size or cutting layout on any handheld devices such Smartphone, tablets etc.

Fluid Design Layout

Fluid or liquid design is one which can auto update the size according to browser’s format and size. The design has the capability enlarge and shrink the pixel sizes that give more responsive view of the site on a smaller or widened screen size.

One Page layout

Single page websites are most in common and widely used by several website holders. Such websites may have the dynamic responsive layout or static fixed layout and the best for conveying the messages into few scrolls. One page layouts are compatible with any screen size and browsers too, and the site visitor doesn’t need to use navigations key to traverse the site, he/she can find all the relevant things by scrolling down and up only.

With an advancement of technology several designing techniques are introducing day by day those give more and perfect implementation of ideas. In choosing one of the best solution tools, Web Design Company in Delhi plays the major role in providing better and full responsive web designing platform as per client’s need and demand. By choosing professional web design and development company via internet or in your knowledge you can hand over the project to one of them and get fully responsive and competitive website.

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