Marigolds | History and Fun Facts

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Marigold is an amazing flower normally grown in October. These brightly colored flowers inspire every human being. This flower is also the symbol of creativity. So let’s talk about this flower in this post.

History of Marigolds:

The Romans and Greeks admire Marigold for much more than their beauty. This flower is native to South and North America but several species have found all over the world. This flower is normally grown in golden, yellow, orange, and white colors. Considering the species, this flower is grown on any kinds of soil. Even some species can grow in drought condition. They can grow in any condition like Shores, ditches, ponds, waterside swamps, quiet waters in streams, damp hollows in forests, sometimes underwater.

As Marigolds are coming from the Mediterranean area, so they need a hot weather to bloom and needs enough sunlight to grow.

Nurture Marigolds

The variation of colors of Marigold can probably make you confused while planting and caring for this flower. If you have a sunny area and enough air then it might easy to grow the different colors of Marigolds. Watering them regularly and allow the soil dry first before watering them again. Well-drained soil is perfect for these kinds of flowers.

Fun Facts

Here are some fun facts about Marigolds…

  1. Colonists in America first dried the marigold petals, squashed them, and used the squashed powder to color butter and cheeses

  2. Marigold is a symbol of passion, that’s why lots of brides add Marigold in their wedding flower bouquets, other flower arrangements and reception table vases.

  3. Marigold is a very popular name back in the 1920’s. On the popular television show Downtown Abbey, the young daughter of Edith Crawley is named Marigold.

  4. There is rumor that Rabbits and Deer are repelled by Marigolds but that’s totally false.

  5. Do you know mosquitoes are a natural repellant by Marigolds and lots of pollinating insects like butterflies and bees are attracted to Marigolds?

  6. The petals of Tagetes Tenuifolia/Signet Marigolds are a very tasty delicious salad. They can add a spicy taste on the dish.

  7. President of the Burpee seed company, David Burpee campaigned to make the national flower back in the 1960’s. Marigold lost the title to the Rose.

  8. No matter where you plant Marigold in your garden or in a pot, they will enlarge the beauty of your home by its colorful petals and fragrance.

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