5 Quick tips to improve your Website Accessibility

Posted by Jules Arkley on June 14th, 2018

We all know that web development project can be so complicated. They focused on many things such as: content, responsive design, content management system, platform branding and more. However, one of the most overlooked features is accessibility, might be because of misconception that website is designer for accessibility might not look aesthetically favorable. A good web design will consider both of account visual and accessibility matter as well. In this point, you might wonder how to Improve Website Accessibility.

There are many reasons why you should improve the accessibility of your site, and one of them is that it’s the law in many states as well. For example in YK, web accessibility is under the Disability Discrimination Act and if your website is fail to fulfill, there is legal action can be brought to you. Even WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) was found by the W3C promoting the accessibility of web. WAI tries to educate people related to how to create a useful guideline for web developers and designers to follow and how those that have disabilities can use the Web. You will find out that there are several easy guidelines to implement and follow as well. 

Start to consider your colors

Ensure that you make a contrast between background and its content as well. You have to consider that there are so many users over the world who cannot distinguish between the various shades and colors as well. So you are able to provide sharp color contrasts to assist them who have color deficiencies.

Despite you can strengthen the brand awareness or recognition, color also can be used to indicate or orientate the users through the website as well. If a website had been well-designed, generally it can cause major problems for this who unable to distinguish colors. But in can lead problems when related to interactive elements. To get better understanding related to how many users may visit your website, you can enter your URL in Colorblind Web Page Filter online to check different filters that can help you to stimulate visual disabilities.

Create more alternative content

One of the main core principles that make your content web is available for anyone regarding to the visual disabilities that they might have. There are several techniques that will be discussed in this article. There is always several type of contents that they cannot access among some users, such as audio content for those who are deaf.

Contextual links for better description

The users who use the screen readers for navigation have several options to skip the link to link until they can find out a content that they looked for. When the link was selected, literary it will be read by screen reader in the browser. If this link only contains of something that you have to click here, then the users cannot learn the function of url because there is no contextual information at all.

To provide better information and take more orientation to users, this is also essential to provide relevant link descriptions. For example: instead of using “click here” then you can use “contact us here” to find out more related topics. The benefit of using more relevant contextual link, instead of helping users, the SEO will get impulse as well.

You can guide the users by using Tabindex

People who more familiar to use a keyboard will be closer with the Tab key that when it pressed, it will move them consecutively through the next field in your page. In the website, Tabindex can decide the rider of tab movement as well. The tab movement can be necessary for users who have visual disabilities who were moving through your navigational menus. Sometimes, they contain of small elements such as buttons or checkboxes that can be so difficult to be clicked by using a mouse. A good tabindex can make your navigation much simoler and provide better experiences for users.

Use right Alt Text

Alt text is stands for alternative text is a phrase or word which describes a graphic, video or any type of media that generally does not have any word to be associated with. The users can see it by pointing to the image, then the screen readers will read it loud to explain the users what inside the image location. In SEO, alt text provides any information related to page for search engine. 

So, all those methods can be used and help you to improve your website accessibility, or you can hire Arfadia Best Digital Marketing Agency Indonesia and Web Design Development Company Jakarta. Their teams help you to boost your business to the new level that you competitor never think about it.  

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