Why Fire Extinguishers Need Timely Service?

Posted by Energy and Fire on June 15th, 2018

In case a fire breaks out at your workplace or residence, a fire extinguisher is crucial to control it. The truth is if you have fire extinguisher on-hand, it will spell the difference between minor damage and a total loss.  God forbids one never encounters a situation where using fire extinguishers become unavoidable.  Hence, it becomes essential on your part to ensure that your fire extinguisher works the way it was intended.    

Energy and Fire Tech India Pvt. Ltd can help you to suffice all of your fire safety equipment needs that include refills.  According to this company, servicing your fire extinguishers on a regular basis renders several benefits that include:

Keeps your fire extinguisher ready for the adverse situation

If you regularly service your fire extinguisher then you will have the confidence that is ready to use and can deal with any unexpected contingencies.  Thus, you can keep at bay any mishaps that may result from a partially filled container in the event of an emergency. The professionals carrying out the inspection will be using measurement tools for making sure that the pressure is within the proper range. Therefore, you can make a comprehensive spray when you squeeze the nozzle.

Replace aging equipment

In case, if your fire extinguisher has become old and needs more than a basic repair then your technician will be informing you that it is high time to upgrade to new one. For instance, dents, rusts, and other issues with the canister are indicative of installing a new model.

Safety Evaluation

The Fire Extinguisher technician at your service will be well versed on the latest practices and developments in relation to fire safety protocols. Hence, you can expect to get valuable advice on the list of equipment that you need to have on-hand for preventing fire.  Further, they will be answering all of your queries regarding the functional operation of your equipment or about the measures that you need to take in the event of an emergency.

Update locations

Consider a situation where the existing floor plan has undergone a sea of changes. Hence, you were compelled to relocate your fire extinguisher to an unobstructed location. It is possible that you will need to invest in new ones for ensuring that every area of your office is protected. Therefore, a knowledgeable technician will be knowing which areas are most susceptible to risks. Accordingly, they will make recommendations based on the requirements of your unique layout.

 Assessment of new equipment or processes

The role of fire extinguisher technician is certainly to service any portable fire-fighting equipment. In this process, other elements will also be considered for evaluation. It may include, relocated offices and equipment, new machinery, process changes, manufacturing new products, and other factors that alter how your facility needs to be protected.  Fire risk levels may have increased or decreased since the last inspection. You may not have taken notice of them without consulting the services of an expert contractor. 

Evaluating the design of well-marked escape routes

Fire extinguisher technicians have comprehensive knowledge and awareness of necessary federal and state standards. Thus, they will bring to light any issues with escape routes and the requisite warning signs at your property. You can expect to get the viable advice on any changes that are necessary for adhering to government regulations in relation to the well-marked alternative of exiting in the case of a fire outbreak.     

Are you second-guessing that whether your building satisfies all the modalities of fire protection? Do you have confidence that your fire safety equipment is properly maintained? If not then it is high time, that you start taking the required steps to ensure full safety of its inhabitants.    

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