What Should You Do To Deal With Shoulder Pain?

Posted by Linda Hudson on June 15th, 2018

Are you suffering from shoulder pain? Did you suffer an injury? If you are suffering from a shoulder pain without injury, then the first thing you may try is to visit a physician and see what the exact issue is. But if you are not able to visit somehow then you may try these things for time-being & these remedies are not a medical prescription in any way:

Try taking a painkiller and see if it helps

While you may use the over-the-counter painkillers or NSAID tablets and creams from any chemist store but you should not be using them for more than two weeks. You should be taking the medicines with the guidance of a pharmacist, and he may suggest when or which specialist you need.

See if some heat applied to the joint relieves you of pain

If you find that your muscles are sore, then heat packs can help to ease the pain. To apply heat, you may make use of a reusable pad or bag that you can heat in microwave or if there is a flat bottle lying idle in your home, make the best use of it. If you put a hot object directly in touch of your shoulder, you may end up burning your skin. Instead, wrap the heating pad or bottle in a towel before you put them on the skin.

You may also try out some exercises to get relief from the shoulder pain. Again these exercises are meant to relieve you temporarily from the pain, but you must see a physician if the pain persists:

  • Start with holding your right-hand in front of you & keep it near your waist. Start with your left hand behind your elbow and pull the right arm to the left across the chest. If you still feel pain in the shoulder simply lower your arm until the pain lowers. The main purpose is to pull your right arm across the chest without feeling any pain. Just hold there for 30-60 seconds, relax and repeat with left arm. If you try these 3-5 times, you may get relief.
  • Sit straight in the chair with knees together. Now twist your torso to the right and keep your left hand on the outside of your right thigh. Now relax your shoulder while looking right and then gently push your right thigh. Take deep breaths for 10-15 seconds and release. Now repeat with the left side.

In The End

These are some remedies that you may try for shoulder pain without injury but visit the physician if pain persists.

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