Key Metrics to Evaluate Your Business?s B2B Content Marketing ROI

Posted by Epromotionz on June 15th, 2018

According to the latest stats around 90% of B2B marketers say that they make use of content marketing and around 85% feature their B2B marketing success in Houston because of top quality content creation. However, still few b2b marketers do not have any clarity on what a thriving content marketing strategy looks like, as b2b businesses find it difficult to evaluate the ROI of their campaigns and cannot understand what has to be measured actually.

To making b2b marketers understand the ROI of your Business-To-Business content marketing campaign assists you actually understand what is effective, what is monotonous and what requires modifications to just move ahead.

Take a Look at The Primary Metrics B2B Marketers Can Use To Evaluate B2B Content Marketing ROI:

  • Social Media Marketing Performance: You can measure social media marketing ROI through two approaches- first is by making use of Google Analytics under “Acquisition,” click on “All Traffic” and then pick “Channels.” This will assist b2b marketers to know how exactly their social media marketing campaigns are performing in terms of web traffic generation. The second approach to assess social media ROI is through monitoring the mentions and awareness of your SMM campaigns. Make use of social listening tools for tracking few important metrics like a brand response, reach and engagement to understand your social media performance in a better way. Significantly, you must concentrate on those social media marketing platforms where your targeted audiences are very active and engaged.
  • Lead Conversion Rate: The ultimate goal of every B2B marketing campaign in Houston is to generate qualified and relevant leads. Content marketing is one of the most effective techniques to generate relevant and qualified leads towards your website. But merely generating leads is not enough, rather they must get converted to make your campaigns successful. That is the reason why lead conversion rate is very important. Rather than just benchmarking against the niche average, thoroughly analyze your conversion rate with regard to your campaign objectives.
  • Landing Page Conversion Rate: Another primary metric for B2B marketers to assess is conversions. It is not sufficient that individuals are just visiting your landing pages stay for a while and browse through few other web-pages, rather what actually matters is that they take the desired action or not. B2B marketers can simply track these activities through Google Analytics. All you need to do is Go to “Behavior” and choose “Landing Pages” and doing this will show the performance of different landing pages of your website. You can easily see and assess key metrics such as “Goal Conversion Rate” and “Goal Completions” to further understand how nicely your different landing pages are actually converting.
  • Email Marketing Performance: Email marketing is one of the most popular b2b marketing strategies used by nearly all B2B marketers and considers it to be one of the most imperative channels for content marketing success. But just sending out hundreds of emails will not work unless your target audience opens these emails and your campaign won’t be successful. Therefore, it is important to assess your email marketing performance in terms of individuals that click through from your email. These are considered to be qualified leads and they assist you to assess how effective your campaign actually is.

So, consider the above-explained important metrics to assess B2B content marketing ROI for implementing several successful b2b marketing campaigns in Houston!

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