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When thinking of best and quality lavender essential oils, one needs to consider factors like the scent, physical benefit, and desired effects.

How To Find Out a Quality Lavender Essential Oils

The market fills with dozens of different varieties of lavender essential oil produced by different companies using raw materials from different backgrounds where different growth conditions apply in the farms. With the vast growth of desires for natural commodities when it comes to best essential oils, there is a need to consider given aspects when looking for quality lavender essential oils. The factors range from ingredients used to extraction method and even marketing as postulated in this article as a guide for choosing the best quality lavender oil for mental health, skin or even house refreshing.

Extraction Process

The process of extraction defines the quality of the product and versatility of the product. Since extraction information may not be written in the description of the oil, analyze the methods used by different firms to ensure that you get quality oil. To achieve the best results, lavender essential oil calls for extraction means that use low pressure and temperature when extracting oil to ensure that impurities do not pass to the final distillate. Look for oils extracted through steam distillation since it offers the best oil for skin purposes.

Percentage of Purity

With the increase in demand for essential oils for aromatherapy, the market fills with products with a low level of purity. Quality oil should be 100% pure. Addition of Chemical results in side effects to the consumers. When seeking to purchase the best lavender essential oil, consider the percentage of purity. Choose companies that have 100% pure oil. It can be challenging to identify purity but the factors above on the method of extraction can dictate the percentage of purity in the final product.

Use of Organic Plants as Raw Materials

Only the oil extracted from organic raw materials need consideration. The raw materials extraction should base on original products grown under normal conditions. Organic conditions include the indigenous areas where the raw materials grow. Ensure that the essential oil you purchase is from companies that use original products. If companies use Lavandula Angustifolia treated with pesticides, the final lavender oil produced will have a significant percentage of contamination. The impurities will not only affect you but are also harmful to the environment at large. When looking for the best lavender essential oil for your need, consider evaluating the raw materials to ensure the product is 100% pure.

Bureau of Standard and Third-Party Referral

The best method of getting to know the right quality and original product in the market is to estimate the number of people who refer you to purchase the product. Consider getting the product which has a high number of referrals. Additionally, considering a product with a mark of quality can be an important decision when buying the best lavender essential oil. Allow Organizations having the mark of quality be your primary choice when buying lavender oil. Consider getting advice from friends who used the oil and have the highly referred lavender oil depending on the need you want to solve. Despite the bureau standards and referrals from friends, consider looking at reviews made by customers who buy the essential oil from online platforms.

Shelf Life and Bottling

Consider going for a product with dark bottles since clear bottles allow infiltration of unfiltered light which spoils the oil lowering shelf life. The other reason is shelf life, and this means you need to consider buying a product from platforms whereby the demand is high since product quality goes down when the product goes beyond six months on the shelves.
Recommendable Lavender Essential Oil Brands

After considering the important factors to guide you to find out quality lavender essential oil, it is crucial to look at some examples of brands of lavender essential oils that you will meet in the market and they include;

1. Essential oil labs

This is a ready aromatherapy made from a single ingredient Lavandula Angustifolia with no carrier oils and pesticides. The oil is high quality and 100% pure. As a drug-free antidepressant, essential oil labs offer best results in skin and hair protection, relaxations, treatment of stress, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Essential oil labs offer best results in massage room curing muscle pains and inflammations. The product has an excellent scent giving you an additional reason as to why you need to purchase it to solve your problem.

2. Majestic pure lavender oil

There are two ingredients which make the product and include Lavandula Angustifolia of Bulgaria and Lavandula hybrid of France. The brand is a high-quality steam distillate and of therapeutic grade with the prominent aroma. It is best for soothing anxiety and comes with grass dropper for easy use. If you need a highly concentrated lavender essential oil applicable in sprays and laundry majestic pure lavender oil will work out for you. Besides the obvious benefits above, the oil can mix with body lotion to give better results. It has fruiter smell which is essential in the house for a peaceful bedtime.

3. Radha beauty lavender oil

If you are working for versatile lavender essential oil best for external and internal purpose Radha beauty will solve the case for you. The oil is made from Lavandula Angustifolia of Bulgaria and it is 100% free of impurities. The scent offer solution by acting as a relaxation agent in the soothing of a headache and migraines. The percentage of purity of the oil makes it better for providing a solution in skin care and massage. The usage of Radha beauty essential oil is divergent since once mixed with water it acts as an air freshener due to its prominent scent. It has fantastic taste, and it is safe for human consumption. These factors will make you choose Radha beauty as your best lavender essential oil for use around your house to reduce tension and offer a fantastic aroma within your house.

In conclusion, next time you decide to buy the lavender essential oil to meet your needs consider buying products based on the above products. Do not consider the price alone but also make sure the diverse factors ranging from raw materials, production process to last brand bottling.

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