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Posted by Susan george on June 18th, 2018

What comes in our mind when we hear the world fitness or a fit person probably some heavy gym equipment, a bodybuilder like Arnold, an athlete or a gymnast or even that fit guy or girl that you just can’t get out of your head because of how to fit they were.  These are some images that we develop in our mind for fitness but are these only ones who can be considered fit. What about the construction site workers who undergo a lot of physical exercises daily, we can’t just limit the fitness word into some of these limited imageries.

 So, do you think fitness is just limited to a 6-pack body and some muscles? Or are there some other ways that can determine that how to fit you actually are.  You can either go to a doctor at Dot Physical Newark and get tested for your fitness abilities, or you can assess it yourself.

A fitness assessment is a kind of a fitness test which is comprised of a series of some exercises that will evaluate your fitness efficiency in terms of breathing or lungs fitness, flexibility, muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness etc. you can perform some of these fitness tests at home, such as:

  • Body Composition: A balanced ratio of fat to muscle is important, the fat should be in minimum and the maximum lean mass should be there in order for a body to be healthy. The ratio of the fat and mass should be in proper coordination in a body.


  • Muscular Endurance: For how long the muscles of a person can endure the contractions determines the muscle endurance capability. For lifting and carrying, the muscles are used for some seconds or so, but in this case, the muscles are used for a minute.


  • Flexibility: The ability of the joints present in the body to move to their full or maximum potential. When you can move your hands and legs freely up to some limited human bearable limit, it then comes under your strength ability.


  • Cardiovascular fitness: It measures that how efficiently our hearts and lungs perform to supply oxygen and energy to the body during any physical activity. It helps in determining if the heart and lungs are working in coordination. The ability of the body to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and to remove wastes is determined by it.


  • Muscular strength: The maximum amount of force a muscle group can exert at one time. The muscle strength helps us in lifting and carrying weights and in performing daily chores that require strength, without it, we won’t be able to perform even the simplest tasks and will face fatigue and tiredness as soon as we start doing some work.

The fitness of a person doesn’t only depend on the amount of weight he/she has lost, but it depends on how to fit they are to perform the daily efforts of their life without putting much effort into it.

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