Feast of the Epiphany - 6 January

Posted by Catalunya Casas on June 18th, 2018

This celebration commemorates the Three Kings’ arrival in Bethlehem. For children, this is one of the most important day of the year as the ‘kings’ bring them gifts. It is very much a family day when family members exchange presents and host celebratory feasts.

Feast of the Epiphany - 6 January

Fiesta of Sant Antoni Abat - 16-17 January

This is the town fiesta for Fornells. Events take place on both Saturday and Sunday with a range of processions and celebrations.

Sant Joan Festival in Ciutadella - 18-24 June

This impressive festival is held in Ciutadella with a huge party full of bonfires, fireworks, music, and dancing. The festival honours Sant John the Baptist, the longest day of the year, and the beginning of the summer season.

Sant Marti Festival in Es Mercadal - 15-16 July

This festival is held annually on the third weekend of July, and there are a range of events on the Saturday evening and the Sunday. Horses are the high point of this festival, where horse and rider parades through the streets before gathering in the main square.

Sant Jaume Festival in Es Castell - 24-26 July

This is one of the biggest festivals on the island with a range of activities and entertainment, parades, and even dancing horses! Most of the entertainment takes place around the main square and includes fair rides, bouncy castles, and side stalls. There is also live music for locals and visitors to enjoy featuring jazz, classical, and youth concerts. On the last evening at midnight, there is a spectacular fireworks display in Cala Fonts.

Festes de Sant Cristofol in Es Migjorn Gran - 28-30 July

To start this festival, bells are rung on the evening of the Saturday, and the Band of Migjorn Gran parades through the town with giants and big heads. Many Spanish festivals include these costumed figures which are known locally as gigantes y cabezudos. The main feature of the giants is their huge papier mache heads, then those playing the part will also dress colourfully, matching the costume’s theme. The figures are usually several metres tall, with a frame made of wood or aluminium, which the individual controlling the giant will wear like a harness. It certainly must take some practise to control such a large figure! Following this there are horse parades in the evening, and then Sunday hosts even more parades and live music.

Festes de Sant Gaieta in Llucmaçanes - 3-6 August

The fiesta of Sant Gaieta is the annual festival for Llucmaçanes, with celebrations taking place from Saturday night to Sunday during the first weekend of August. Expect parades, horses, giants, and lots of laughter.

On Saturday night, the cavalcade starts and tours the village, then the Caixers (horse riders) begin their journey to the parish church, forming two lines and entering the church in honour of the Patron Saint, Sant Gaieta.

The majority of the entertainment takes place on the Sunday, where the Llucmaçanes Giants parade the streets, along with a band and local theatre groups. The grand finale of a spectacular fireworks display begins around 23:30.

Festes de Sant Llorenç de Alaior - 10 - 13 August

The start of this annual festival begins on the Friday night, where the Mayor of Alaior hands over the fiesta flag to the Caixer Fadri. On Sunday a parade of floats travels through the town, with a different theme each year.

Festes de Sant Climent in Sant Climent - 17 - 20 August

This fiesta is held annually on the third weekend of August. Much like the other celebrations on the island, the festivities really begin in the evening on Saturday with horse processions, a religious ceremony, live music, and lots more. Although this festival follows the same general timetable of other festivals on the island, it does have a few standout points. A great example is on the Friday night the town hosts a paella party for more than 1,000 people, which is great way to get people excited for the festival to come, and on the evening of Saturday night there is a huge, public, open air dance in the square with live music.

Sunday features the traditional religious ceremonies and processions followed by a grand firework display at the football grounds. The fun doesn’t stop on Sunday, however, as on Monday there is a water fiesta and a range of children’s entertainment as well as chocolate and ‘coca bamba’ for the residents of the town.

Sant Bartoumeu Festival in Ferreries - 23 - 24 August

In this festival, horse riders dress in 19th-century costumes and hand out candles to the crowd.

Festes de la Mare de Deu Gracia - 6 - 9 September

The capital city of Mahon celebrates its patron, Our Lady of Grace, with a procession and horse races in the street.  

On the first day of this festival, the opening speech plays a major role as an important figure in Mahon society is asked to open the fiestas. After the ringing of the bells to signify the start of the festival, the parade of music and giants begins, where in addition to the giants of Mao, invited giants from nearby towns such as Llucmaçanes, Sant Lluis, and Es Castell also join the parade.

The following day a band wakes the town for the second day of the festival. The traditional riding and religious ceremonies take place throughout the day.

Festes de Sant Nicolau - 15 - 16 September

Festa Major de Sant Nicolau is celebrated in Malgrat de Mar on Saint Nicholas Day, and includes a range of activities from film screenings, a street market and concert, to a fire run, theatre shows. and a bull dance.

Festes de Cala’n Porter - 22, 23 September

This is the last of the town fiestas in Menorca, and is actually the only one that is held in an urban environment. The event is full of parades, horses, fireworks, and street performances. Much of the Saturday evening and Sunday morning are dedicated to the horses and riders who make laps around the town. Sunday afternoon is filled with family activities and performances, with a huge fireworks festival and street performances taking place well into the evening.

Kings Cup for Vintage Boats in Moa - 28 August - 1 September

Menorca is hosting this regatta as part of the prestigious international Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge.

Fiesta Nacional de Espana - 12 October

This is a national public holiday in Spain that commemorates when Christopher Columbus first stepped foot in the Americans in 1492. As the festival takes place across all of Spain, the main festivities don’t take place on the island of Menorca, but rather in cities like Madrid and Barcelona, with events such as the flag-hosting ceremony and military exercise. It is however, a public holiday, meaning that most of the shops and offices are likely to be closed.

All Saints Day - 1 November

All Saints Day is a very important national public holiday in Spain. People from all over the country return to their own town to remember and lay flowers on the graves of their loved ones. A tradition on this day is to make the sweet treat known as Bunyols, which are similar to doughnuts and rolled in sugar before dipped in local Menorcan honey. Every day of the year has its own saint, but there are more saints than days, so All Saints Day offers the opportunity to remember all the great and forgotten men and women, saint or loved one.

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