Everything You Need to Know About Anti-Spin Table Tennis Rubber

Posted by marryvoges on June 18th, 2018

If you are a table tennis player, there are good chances that you may face difficulty while playing table tennis with anti-spin table tennis rubber. Anti-spin rubber is a great way to improve your game against spin shots and it does a really good job at covering the weakness against spin. Not only that, it's also used in the game where deception and disruptive play is the motive.

How does anti-spin rubber actually work?

It’s not unwise to say that using anti-spin rubber is not the permanent answer to all your table tennis problems. Anti-spin rubber is just a rubber that was created to meet very specific requirements. When it’s used for those purposes, it is quite outstanding at the job, but the problems begin when people start using it for the purposes for which it is not designed for. Being an inverted sheet of rubber, anti-spin rubber features a very slick top sheet having a “dead” sponge layer. Due to this, the resulting effect is a rubber sheet which is outstanding for blocking, in serving great for changing the spin or pace.

Advantages of anti-spin rubber

Anti-spin rubber has several advantages some of which are:

  •  It helps in increasing the control for the user and can cause the opponent to make the mistake for the fact that it reacts differently than normal rubber.
  •  It helps in changing the pace of the ball, thus allowing opponents to make mistakes due to change in pace.
  •  It also helps in changing the spin of the ball and result in a user gaining an advantage over the game as the opponent would be prone to make mistakes with change spin.
  •  It helps in allowing the players who have any physical limitation such as slower reflexes or injury to slow down the speed of the game and thus helping them to play on a more equal level.

In a nutshell

Well, when it comes to changing the nature of the game by changing the pace and spin, anti-spin table tennis rubber does quite an excellent job, making opponent less aware of the next shot, thus increasing your chances of winning the game. However, it can be a bit intimidating for few players who have no idea how anti spin works and there are good chances that they may leave the game before even starting. Make sure you take advantage that anti-spin rubber offers to table tennis players.

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