How To Solve Blue Screen Error In HP Computers?

Posted by TonyRoy on June 18th, 2018

There could be a lot of reasons behind blue screen or death of screens like hardware errors or driver faults.  The BSOD effects create an error code which varies from each cause of blue screen.  After blue screen effect, your computer system will crash or reboot. This error can cause data loss and therefore this is very essential to back up your system data time to time.

However, we all praise the quality of HP computers in spite of blue screen error can affect your system, so it is very important to solve it on an immediate basis. Here, we are suggesting some important tips for you how to solve this error or you can also take advice from online HP Computer Support team immediately. The first and important step is to disable the auto-restart ability of windows, so you can get enough time to write error code.

Need to Go to control panel>>System and Security>>System.

Need to go to advanced settings situated at sidebar.

Click the button “Advance”.

Now choose the “startup” and recovery” button under “startup” bar.

Open “Automatic start” button from system failure settings.

Press “ok” button and close all tabs.

Recover Blue screen impact-

There are no specific reasons for Blue Screen Death of Windows.  Just by installing inappropriate drivers on your computer system can load your system to screen death.

Take back up of your desktop- Before applying any technique; one must back up the important data.  To restore your system, you can recover the original state of your desktop.  Apart from this, you can back up your data with the help of external hard drive.  If you are capable of creating backup, there is a probability that the newly installed software is causing screen error.

Regular & Proper Scan for Virus-

Blue screen death can be majorly caused by dangerous virus and malware attacks. The virus interrupts your registry settings and causes crashes in your HP computer system. Therefore, you should use effective and strong antivirus software.

Must Update System Drivers-

Drivers guarantee the smooth connection between desktop and hardware.  Infected software can eradicate the system utilities of your devices. It will promote BSOD.  Plus make sure that you should install right and real drivers from the official resources. Thus, updating drivers can solve this error easily. Still if you are facing Blue Screen Error in HP computers, you can call at HP Computer Technical Support Number +1-888-657-9666 to get instant solutions from certified experts.

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