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The One Man Army - Guava Fruit Juice

Posted by aimsbeverages on June 18th, 2018

Guava is a fruit which is found to be cultivated in native South America, Central America, Mexico and in regions with a tropical and sub-tropical climate round the world. It available almost round the year. But what we are unaware of is, the list of nutrients and minerals it has to offer. The fruit can be eaten in a slightly raw form, ripe form or it can be taken as juice.

Fruit Juice

A fruit juice is prepared by pressing out the natural liquid that is present in the fruits and vegetables without the application of heat and solvents. Sometimes artificial colours, flavours and additives are put.

Ingredients of Guava Fruit Juice

There is not much that be said about the ingredients of a fruit juice or the ingredients of guava fruit drink. The main and base ingredient is the natural fruit juice that is extracted from the fruit.

Process of Manufacture

The process of manufacturing a guava fruit juice involves a number of steps.

  • First of all fruits are picked and washed and the juice is extracted via two automated ways.

 In the first one, the flesh of the fruit is pushed through a metal tube where the peel comes off. The juice oozes out of the small holes in the tube.

In the second one the fruit is cut into halves and subjected to reamers for the extraction of juice.

  • The juice is then filtered and sent for concentration. Almost two thirds of the water content is removes during concentration due to which its expiry date is increased and its transportation is made easier. Then it is mixed with other factors to restore any loss in flavours and colours.
  • The guava juice is then pasteurized. It is filled into containers while hot and then cooled as quickly as possible. Hydrogen peroxide is used for making the containers sterile.
  • The guava drink is then processed through pulsed electric fields.
  • The final stage includes sealing and labelling the containers and transporting them to the market.


  • Immunity booster. Vitamin C is the key factor one should look for when opting for an immunity booster. Guava is one of the richest sources of vitamin C. The vitamin content present is 4 times the content in oranges. As a result it is a proficient immunity booster.
  • Lowers cancer risks. All the natural contents like lycopene, quercetin, vitamin C and other polyphenols which act as antioxidants are preserved in the guava fruit drinks. These antioxidants neutralize the free radicals of the body, thereby preventing growth of cancer cells.
  • Diabetes friendly. Guava fruit drinks are rich in fiber content and low in glycaemic index. Rich fiber content regulates sugar levels while low glycaemic index is known to inhibit sudden spike in sugar levels.
  • It is also healthy for heart and beneficial for patients with constipation.

Loaded with numerous health benefits guava fruit drink is the choicest drink for health conscious people.

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