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Heavy Duty Lifts can be one of the best speculations for your garage or auto shop. We can help you to know the different types of heavy duty lifts so that you can buy the ones that suit you. We will act as the specialist in helping you to choose the best heavy duty lifts.

The vehicle lift is one of the most integral parts of repair bays any service. They play a very important role in vehicle maintenance as they are used most of the times in one day as compared to any other essential repair item in the shop. There have been demands for different types of lift production and due to this; the market has come up with various kinds of lifts serving clients. Let’s head on to the list now:

1) Two Post Lifts

These are considered the most common lifts out there in the market. They are popular for their supportive stabilization arms and sturdy posts. These lifts are budget friendly and are good for small shops. Two posts lift very less space and are perfect for light vehicles.

Floor Plate Lifts:

If you have a bigger garage than the normal size where you have to handle trucks or bigger vehicles then two post lifts might not work for you. This is also going to take up very little space and it is a fantastic option for people who are just beginning in the auto shop world.

Four Post Lifts:

The most weight vehicles are generally handled by four post lifts. It has additional support columns which makes the capacity to hold much higher compared to two post lifts. The famous companies who produce these lifts are Danmar, Challenger Lifts, Tuxedo, Bendpak, etc. These lifts may take a little more space depending upon the type. The four post lifts will only take up around the 115-volt power supply.

Portable Car Lifts:

If your main concern is related to shape due to the less storage space in your shop or garage then portable car lifts should be your first choice. Make sure that you check all the necessary details like capacities before loading any vehicle on it.

Scissor Car Lifts:

Scissor Car Lifts are generally divided into three categories (parallelogram type, pantograph lifts, and X type). The good part about scissor car lifts is that they easily curb the needs of different hobbyists and shops by coming in different capacities and heights. The low rise scissors can raise around 36 inches off, the mid-rise lift can raise somewhere between 36 and 48 inches whereas full rise scissor lifts can easily cross the above-mentioned inches off the ground.

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