Are organic cotton pants beneficial?

Posted by HelenaNelson on June 19th, 2018

Organic clothing has become quite popular, and more and more people are transitioning their wardrobe. The clothes you wear can have an impact on both mental and physical health. If you’re already eating clean, organic foods, choosing organic clothing is the logical next step.  Organic clothing keeps pesticides and harsh chemical finishing agents off your skin (the bodies largest organ!) and out of our waterways.  It’s good for you, for the planet, and for the workers who farm the crops and sew our clothing.

The basic organic cotton t-shirt has been around for some time now.  The advent of nicer eco-fashion tops and tanks has grown drastically in the last 10 years.  However, truly fashionable organic cotton pants are a relative newcomer in the eco-fashion lineup.  Take a look at some of the benefits of stylish, organic cotton pants.

1) Organic cotton pants are better for your health. They are made using less chemicals and tend to cause fewer rashes and breakouts. These pants will give a fashionable and classy look and also show your concern towards the environment.

2)  You can wear them long-term. Synthetic or “fast fashion” pants are cheaper to buy and cheaply made.  They are designed to wear out quickly, so you can buy more.  Unfortunately, this causes more waste.  On the other hand, organic cotton pants tend to be more expensive, made by smaller, more sustainable companies, are not treated with chemical finishing agents, and are much higher quality.  While they cost more upfront, they will last much longer than cheap synthetics.

3) Cotton pants and other natural fiber clothing pieces are breathable. Natural fabrics are more comfortable against your skin.

Organic cotton pants are eco-friendly and offer several comfort and sustainability benefits. Also, they are good value for the money you spend. Many more fashionable options are available today than there were even 10 years ago.  You can look truly chic and be eco without the hippy stigma.  Buy fashion without compromise!

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