Foods that are friends for your mind and body

Posted by JulioLicinio on June 19th, 2018

Do you know that the food you eat works a lot in determining the quality of your life? This implies that when you feel mentally low or physically unfit, it might indicate that your daily planner is not properly planned. Thus, Dr. Julio Licinio brings here certain recommendations on foods you must eat to have healthy body and strong mind. Here are they. Watch out!

These greenish coloured fruits can be considered as super food for your mind and body. Besides natural proteins, avocados are rich in mono-saturated fat. These nutrients aid in proper blood flow into the brain and the entire body. Hence, when you start eating avocados daily you will be able to see remarkable changes in your mental and physical health.

If you wish to have a leafy green every day, entrust upon broccoli. Dr. Julio Licinio   says that broccoli is enriched with natural Vitamins like Vitamin C, A and K along with lo0ts of proteins and minerals. These nutrients help in proper functioning of all the organs in the body and strengthening mental health. Broccoli is also found to have strong influencing in decreasing the vulnerability to cancer.

When you choose beans as one of the essential ingredients of your daily platter, you get plenty of choices in the form of French beans, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, black beans and so on. Besides offering your daily platter a different taste every day, beans also make your mind and body strong and fit. Basically, beans are rich sources of natural protein, dietary fibres and iron.  Therefore, when you eat beans every day you actually contribute towards making your cardiac health and brain health stronger. Eating beans on a daily basis has also proven positive results in decreasing the chances of occurrence of cancer.
Dark chocolate
DR. Julio Licinio says that it is time to celebrate your love for chocolates.  Specifically speaking, dark chocolates work wonders in enhancing the overall wellbeing of your body and brain. Thus, if you consume at least one ounce of dark chocolates every day you will find that you are able to think better, concentrate better and feel better.

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