How long do dental fillings protect your tooth?

Posted by Deepika on June 19th, 2018

Tooth decay is one of the most prevalent dental problems of all suffered by nearly half of the population and it is no fun. Tooth decay destroys the healthy tooth enamel and makes the tooth weak and more prone to further problems. There are a lot of restorative dental treatments that can help rebuild the tooth structure and protect it from any other problems. The typical treatment for tooth cavity is considered to be a dental filling. 

A common myth prevails among the dental patients that a dental filling once done can last a lifetime. But, the bad news is that dental filling does not last forever. The fact is that the lifespan of a dental filling is based on various factors like the choice of material, location, filling size, oral hygiene and who does the treatment. So, how can you tell if your filling needs a replacement? Here's what you need to know about the different types of fillings and their lifespan.

Silver fillings

Also known as amalgam fillings, they are more strong, long-lasting and can stay resistant to a lot of wear and tear. They are the most affordable option and can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. But, the major drawback of using silver fillings is that they are highly visible and can cause discoloration in your smile. These fillings are also a combination of silver, mercury, copper and tin, which makes it a major concern for most of the people. However, you can visit the soorya dental Clinic and talk with your dentist about using this type of filling.

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White fillings

Also known as composite fillings, this is the most popular filling used in treating tooth cavity. This type of fillings is white in color and can merge seamlessly into your natural teeth, making it almost invisible. This type of filling has an adhesive nature which makes it the most minimally invasive restorative treatment, helping you to retain the structure of your natural teeth. The material used in white filling makes it merge with the tooth tissue from inside, making your teeth stronger and offering additional support to your teeth for many years. White filling once gets bonded, they do not change shape and will undergo wear and tear like that of a natural tooth. Studies have proved that white composite fillings can last from 7 to 12 years if proper care is taken. White fillings are also considered the most successful treatment for cavities. However, there are certain factors that play a major role in deciding the longevity of the fillings, like filling location, clenching and grinding, existing oral health, diet and dental techniques used.

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Gold fillings

Being the most expensive type of filling, these are not popular anymore. But they are still in use and is considered a feasible option. Alike silver fillings they are also more visible. But they last long for about 15 to 30 years.

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Is it the right time to replace your fillings?

If you're having a silver filling and you notice your teeth getting dark, it may be due to the leakage of the metal in your filling. You might also feel soreness due to the pressure of the filling. If you observe these symptoms, it's time to meet your dentist.

If you're having a white composite filling, abrupt sensitivity, sharp pain, pulp inflammation, constant toothache, dark spots or cracks in your teeth are all the symptoms of a failing white filling and you should schedule an emergency consultation with your dentist. Your dentist will do further testing and can find out if your fillings are really failing. Your dentist will also be able to provide the best treatment after proper examination.

Which filling is right for you?

Feel like you may have a cavity? Wondering which kind of filling would be suitable for you? Approach your dentist. He can tell you which restorative option is most appropriate for you. If you're really worried about the durability of the filling, you can opt for dental implants in India. The cost of dental implants in India is high when compared to the cost of dental fillings. But, with a dental implant, you can be certain of its lasting durability. They also have more pros than dental fillings. Contact the dental implant specialist Dr. T.K. Prabhu at Soorya Dental Care, Karaikudi, to know more about the dental implant treatment.


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