Fish or Raw Chicken - Which One is Better for Your Healthy

Posted by The Fresh Meat Market on June 20th, 2018

Chicken and fish are considered two popular healthy choices because both of them are enriched with protein. The carb amount is lower than the red meat and one can add chicken or fish recipe to breakfast or dinner menu. Chicken is full of Vitamin B and high protein amount giving a tough competition with fish where it contains omega-3 fatty acids.

Nutritional Value

Raw Chicken is an important source of vitamin B6 and vitamin B3. With the intake of B6 and B3, you can ensure that the energy level and metabolism are regulated in your body. Vit B6 can help in breaking down the carbohydrates providing the body with a proper energy source. And Vit B3 or niacin can keep up sugar levels for converting sugars, proteins and fats into an energy source.

Vitamin B2, vitamin D, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and iron are abundantly found in fish. Vitamin B2 improves the immune system and keeps up healthy teeth, bones and skin and vitamin D aid the body in keeping up a normal calcium scale in the body. In addition to the context, potassium enhances protein synthesis, zinc helps in improving the immune system, magnesium deals with muscle contractions and phosphorus and calcium can make your bones and teeth stronger.


Fat Intake

Chicken is considered to lean meat due to its low amount of fat and if the skin is on while cooking the chicken, little fat can be added to it. Similarly, fish is known to contain a minimum amount of fat. But what differentiates the fat amount in between two is the presence of omega-3 fatty acid in fish which regulates cholesterol and blood pressure levels.


Cooking Process

How you are cooking chicken thighs or fish can play a major role in maintaining the nutritional value of the dish. You should remember that chicken can dispose of a huge amount of saturated fat and deep frying involves additional fat and calories in every serving. If you can only go with low-heat cooking, you can minimise the amount of additional fat.

Low-heat cooking is better for the fish and one can consider grilling fishes like tuna and salmon due to their firm-flesh nature. Poaching of chicken or fish can be great for health as it does not add extra fat to the meat itself. Furthermore, you can use leftover fish or chicken to use as salad topping for indulging in a low-carb meal.

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