Big Data Miners - Hadoop and Spark

Posted by loreen on June 21st, 2018

Information Technology is the backbone of today’s businesses. Every bit of information whether within or outside of the organization is valuable and is stored as data. With businesses using various social media platforms as part of their marketing strategy, there has been an unprecedented surge in data volumes. As proper data mining and analysis can give you invaluable insights to your business and you may align your strategies and approaches accordingly,  traditional systems would not be suffice to handle today’s complex and voluminous Big Data. And managing Big Data does require a dedicated IT team.

Big data, apart from being massive, is quite complex in nature. It involves structured and unstructured data that too of different types like audio, video, image etc. Businesses need to employ resources for effective management of Big Data as its further analysis can help them take right business decisions and adopt right strategies to succeed. That is the reason of Big Data being really important to the business world. And to properly utilize Big Data, there are some cutting edge technologies like Apache’s Hadoop and Spark are available that can be implemented  to harness the data in an efficient way.


Hadoop is an open source software platform that helps you store and process Big Data. It actually does this by managing Big Data across clusters of computers in a distributed environment. Hadoop offers you an efficient management of Big Data and can generate a reliable data analysis for your company to consider.


Apache’s Spark is another tool is another tool to harness Big Data. In a way it actually works in tandem with Hadoop. Spark does not have its own File Distribution System and rely on Hadoop File Distribution system. You can actually compare Hadoop’s MapReduce to Spark in terms of functionality.

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