6 Awesome Ways to Surprise Employees on Their Birthday!

Posted by kishan on June 21st, 2018

6 Awesome Ways to Surprise Employees on Their Birthday!

It is certainly going to hassle one's work if his/ her birthday will fall on his/ her working day! Despite plenty of work, that person's heart would definitely seek for something extra. Employees are the heart and essence of any company. Sheer your gratefulness, support, and apprehension for your employee you work with. On that person's special day, opt for something sole yet thoughtful to acknowledge him/ her. You do not need to organize a big party. Petite gesticulations can create a big impact on them. Just let your employees know that you were aware of their special day. Some exquisite gift ideas would be cool to utter your heartfelt gratitude.

Here we provide some awesome ways to surprise an employee on his/ her birthday.

1) : Door Surprises!

Try not to justify yourself for being too busy for your employees. Rather try out something unique to surprise them on their d-day. Who does not love being getting surprised? The abruptness of this surprise will certainly make your employee's day or even week! You do not have to buy any fancy gift for offering the surprise. Decorate the door of your employee's work cabin and send birthday gifts online. Write down any motivational quote or funny lines. Make sure it should appreciate your employees on their special day. This idea will also help in creating an amusing environment in your workplace. Birthdays are the perfect time to build some amity among your team members.

2) : Decorate Their Desk

The workplace is your second home and employees are just like your extended family. You all probably spend 8 to 9 hours a day at your workplace. Whether it is your employee's dream job or not, surprise with an awesome idea would do a trick for them. Decorate the desk of that employee which can definitely make them feel not like prison. After all, it stills the personal space, where everybody is spending quite a lot of time on the days! Spice it up with colors, glitters, funny artwork, balloons. Leave a small surprise gift on the desk! It will make that person's feel valued and he will cherish it even after switching the job! 

3) : Show Your Gratitude with a Note From the Whole Team

Employees provide you with help major help at work. And due to the frenzied schedule, you often get time to appreciate them in a proper way. Even sometimes it can be hard to find the right words to make them realize your gratitude towards them. A birthday is a great time to show the value of the employee to the organization. Instead of sending a birthday card, express your admiration in few lines about their contribution. Ask the colleagues too to write down few sentences each. This special note is something treasures as they can keep this for lifelong! It creates an optimistic strengthening sphere.

4) : Birthday Cake Surprises

Everyone ought to have a treat on their birthday! Get your employees closer by surprising them with a birthday cake. Even you will gain an enormous interminable sensation at that time! Your surprise should grace their sign! Show your admiration towards your employees by offering them birthday cake delivery. As an owner of the company, gift that birthday person something special that he/ she can use it amusingly. Basically, birthdays are a perfect time to build some companionship among your team. Offering a mini cake cutting party would be a perfect excuse to make the birthday an enjoyable one!

5) : The Silly Award

You will continually run into a range of situations where feelings get hurt. On the employee's birthdays keep aside all the grief, anguish and sorrow. To get a positive effect spend the day by doing some fun at your workplace. It will create an ambiance of positivity and gracefulness. A birthday is an ideal time to present the employee with a funny and silly award. Choose a fun quote mug, plaque or a certificate that will let everyone know that they are the Top Dog for the day!

6) : Sponsor an Event on Their Behalf

Spend some real time celebrating employee birthdays. Consider a particular time once a month to sponsor an event on behalf of the employee birthdays of the last few weeks. It will not hamper anyone's performance. Multiple birthdays at an event will make it more amusing and fun. Encourage everyone to be a part of the celebration. Your employees deserve a break. This could probably the best way to rake time away from their desks.

 A proper acknowledgment to the employee enhances workplace engagement. It brings efficiency and ultimately your bottom line. It will not only make them valued as an employee. Rather they will feel valued as a human being. And in the end, you will get a happier, healthier workplace. It will push them to work harder for their own workplace.

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