Myths And Facts About COQ10

Posted by katherine on June 21st, 2018

COQ10 comes with a lot of myths attached to it. That is why you need to take the right dosage for your body, especially to your heart. But the good thing today is that more and more people are getting more aware about taking CoQ10 and the benefits it can bring to everyone. However, taking the right dosage of CoQ10 can be a bit difficult, especially that there are so many confusing marketing strategies deployed by so many pharmaceutical companies that sell CoQ10. Be more aware of the facts behind CoQ10 by busting all the myths connected to it.

1. You can get all the COQ10 that your body needs by relying from foods alone.

The truth is that a lot of foods like beef, pork, chicken and fish also contain CoQ10. However, your diet only supplies 5 to 10 mg of CoQ10 a day, which is only a small part of what your body really needs. That is why it is much better if you take CoQ10 supplements. If you are 40 years old to 60, you will need 50 to 100 mg. If you are 60 and above, you will need 100 to 200 mg. However, if you are taking statin medications, you will need 100 to 200 mg and if you have just survived a heart attack or is experiencing a congestive heart failure, you will need 200 to 300 mg of CoQ10 a day.

2. You won’t experience something different when taking CoQ10, regardless of the dosage

A lot of people are aware that their hearts need CoQ10. however, they don’t know that taking a much higher dosage can bring a difference that can be really felt especially if it is combined with regular exercise.

3. CoQ10 only makes your heart stronger

Truth be told, CoQ10 makes all of your cells in your body increase energy production, and not just your heart. Research shows that CoQ10 actually helps every condition you feel from migraines, to even fibromyalgia, parkinson’s and even gum disease. Another thing is that the thing we call aging because we feel energy-less is just lack of CoQ10 in our bodies. Our body produces CoQ10 on its own as you are living but its capability to produce usually decreases over time. That is the reason why people who are taking CoQ10 feels like they are decades younger.

CoQ-10 indeed is a very excellent nutrient needed by everyone. Buy your CoQ10 topical patches now from PatchMD.

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