Blocked Drains? Hire a Drain Cleaner to Fix the Problem & Prevent Damages

Posted by lukesmarini on June 21st, 2018

It is true that cleaning is not something that really excites us but it is necessary to maintain cleanliness in our surroundings. A clean environment ensures a safe and healthy living. We often experience the problem of clogged drains in our house. The issue is very annoying and can frustrate you to the most. When this happens, the water gets blocked in the drain and does not go down at all.

Clogged drains can be a result of things getting stuck in the drain. These things include tissue papers, swabs, diaper wipes, feminine hygiene products, etc. Blocked drains can cause wetness, flooding, and damage your home. Contact a drain cleaning company in Long Beach to get the problem fixed.

Common indications of clogged drains are:-

  • You are finding it difficult to flush your toilet.
  • The toilet water is bubbling when you are running the tap.
  • The toilet or sink is flooding or overflowing.
  • Sinks or baths are emptying very slowly.
  • You hear gurgling sounds when you are draining water.
  • Smelly sinks, shower, bathtub, or toilet

There are a number of things that you can do to try to remove the blockage:-

  •  Use drain snake - You can use a drain snake to break up, push, or remove the blockage.
  •  Use drain rods - A drain rod can also be used to tackle the problem, but it greatly depends on the nature and the location of the clog. Drainage cleaning might not be easy if you are connected to a public wastewater system. You can either buy or take drain rods on rent from a drain cleaning company.
  •  Contact the neighborhood - If there are multiple properties responsible for the blockage then contact all property owners contributing to the flow, in order to determine the location of the blockage. This can be done by lifting the access chambers or manholes on the drain and then using the drain rod to release the blockage.

If you are having absolutely no idea about how to clean the drains, you should seek professional help. There are cleaning service providers who offer drain cleaning in La Habra, California. Whether you have clogged drains inside the house or outside, these professionals can solve your problem.

You can get rid of all your drain related issues and prevent them from happening again.

Having clogged drains? Hire a professional drain cleaner today!

Author’s Bio - The author is an online blogger. This article is about drain cleaning.

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