New Trends Upcoming Food Apps Can Adopt

Posted by BrainMobi on June 21st, 2018

With the recent advancements in technology and emerging areas of research, Food Apps have been a pretty successful practice amongst cafe owners and food lovers. As of yet food apps have helped people reduce plenty of efforts and at the same time helped them deliver several experiences which was hard to get without technology. But recent efforts and advancements in this field have opened the ground for some more groundbreaking features in various different app. As one of the Best Food App Development Company let us take a moment to explain to you a few new that can be incorporated into your new food app.

Better Searches

Your custom food app is still way backward in terms of searches and result delivery. In the very first place if you actually type the name of a particular dish and expect a choices of that particular dish to be outlined, you are presented with a list of restaurants that serve that particular dish. After this you have to make a choice and that is just poor UX experience considering what Technology is capable of doing today.

Letting The System Follow Your Mundane Routines

With advancements in machine learning and smart data storing capabilities, it is totally a possibility that after a weeks practice with your meal routines, the system might actually remember your routines better than you. So as of now if your basic food app derives its core functionality from the fact that it lets you have order your meal right from your work desk then it needs some smart upgrades.

Letting The System Upgrade Your Mundane Routines

Besides being just a smarter and efficient reminder tool that knows when you are hungry the system can be a step smarter and elaborate choices revolving around your earlier preferences. Considering the many tags that your food app offers, the thing to notice is that you have to manually check or uncheck them. Once again implementing machine learning or by keeping track of your orders your system can incorporate the tags automatically into its algorithm. ANd for best results this isn't just tags but your search preferences can be sorted on the basis of user reviews as well.

Voice Assistant Might Eliminate The Need To Even Look At Your Phone Screen

Voice assistants are getting smarter to the extent that you might actually confuse them for humans. Not only are they human in terms of accents but are also very intelligent as well. In terms of communicating and taking information Voice assistants have already attained product standards and can be clubbed with various products and apps. Your food app could be the next one. In terms of UX now your food app is less about what you can see and more about what it can deliver.

Real Time Functionality Could Add To All Of The Above Factors

While people actually update each and every activity of their daily routine on social media, your device might actually be able to monitor your habits and categorize it according to the various seasons, time, day, date or even occasions. At the end of the day, data accumulation is the key point and the smarter it might be, the better your Artificial Intelligence system shall be.

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