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Posted by Newslat on June 21st, 2018

Have you ever given this theory a thought-what would it be like to have your clone go to work instead of
you? What if it could come true? GE vice president of software research Collin Parris put on an AR
headset in a conference to exhibit the how a digital twin technology could cover the digital capabilities
for rendering a steam machine.
GE has 551,000digital twin in the market with more of them created every day. Technology has
developed beyond our imagination; t is designing 3D models to understand how the device would
perform with given choices to increase the lifespan of equipment for a better business outcome.
To concoct a digital model, GE extracts information or data linked to industrial goods following the
digital work. The ge digital twin technology continues to predict what’s ahead and suggest optimization
and improvement throughout the cycle.
The main aim behind this digital twin technology is to go further than just working with goods. Its
capability to furnish future predictions, warnings and optimization are universal. In one of the
conference when Colin parris puts on the AR device to exhibit the capabilities of digital twin on a steam
turbine, the outcome was amazing. The technology indicated him the trouble area in the turbine and
provided several options on how to fix the issue based on the asset’s history.
The ge digtal twin technology is a natural fit for the powerful industries and aviation industries, where
unexpected instrument failure is not taken into consideration. Through the digital twin technology, the
necessity to maintain the jet engines can be decided in advance. This technology could suggest
redeploying the jet planes in a different climate that provide much cooler and moist air to reduce the
risk of engine failure in near future.
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