Accept Payments Online through a Customized Payment Gateway

Posted by PayTabs on June 21st, 2018

Well, we live in the modern day world where everything is moving at a relentless pace. The payments have taken a new shape and cashless society is surely on the verge of expansion. Hence, here, it will be no sort of a doubt for people to accept payments online which is much more convenient than using cash.

But, how about building your own customized payment gateway? Well, it will be a challenging yet an amusing task. Hold on! Before you actually go on to make one, you must know the different pro’s and con’s which are associated with it.

Thus, let us move ahead and unveil the pros and cons which are associated with creating a customized payment gateway.

Discover The Pros and Cons of creating a Customized Payment Gateway


  • Saving on the Payment Gateway Fees- If you are using an already established payment gateway, you know the high-cost factor which comes with it. They generally have a higher sign-up cost and with every transaction made, they tend to take much more money. Hence, with your own payment gateway, we can eliminate such long-term fees and can use it with whole freedom and satisfaction.
  • Great List of Custom Features- Well, it’s your payment gateway and you are the masters in charge of it. In case of the other payment gateways, even if you find it convenient and it has low cost, you will still find some sort of limitations with it. Hence, by creating your own customized payment gateway, you can include a whole set of new features. And can further scale it depending on your needs and business requirements.
  • Offer your Payment gateway to other People- Now, this is the point which can generate you tons of income. Yes, payment gateways are currently the most profitable business which is running in the market. And, with you creating one, you can sell it to the other merchants and can generate heaps of money, in quick time.


  • Payment Gateway Maintenance and Development Cost-In case you are planning to make your own payment gateway, you must be absolutely aware of their Maintenance and development costs. In this, the initial cost of making a customized payment gateway is much higher than paying fees to an established one. However, by choosing a custom platform for yourself, you are investing for the future. And if you are a person who is willing to build one, you can go ahead, without much issue.
  • Payment Integration of Processor and Cost of Certification-Now, integrating the payment gateways with payment processors is truly a time-consuming process. Further, it requires going through a long road certification process which makes the scenario much more stringent and hectic. On the contrary, using an already available payment gateway is much easier and convenient. You just have to pay the sign-up fees and that’s it. You are all ready to do the transactions, with ease.
  • Handling the Settling Reports from Processors-As a part of their mechanism, the payment processors send settlement reports in a simple raw format. With this, it tends to become difficult for a person to read that information, process it and use it for further operation.


Making a customized payment gateway can be the best thing to do but it comes with some set of added cons. Hence, as an individual who has the desire to accept payments online, you must rethink your decision.

In case you have got enough money, you can go for making a customized one. But, if you want simplicity and ease of action, choosing an available payment gateway is inevitably, the best choice.

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