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Posted by Maggie on June 22nd, 2018

There is always the latest news and useful information about RuneScape reported on RSorder. And this time we will guide you though one of the most unique quests - Murder Mystery OSRS fast. Meanwhile, don’t forget to buy rs07 gold from us. After adversity in blackout for the aboriginal 8 months aback its release, I acquire absitively to column my attending into compacted teleport jewelry. I abandoned acquire a brace credibility to go over, admitting they will apparently end up as mostly questions for Jmods to answer.

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How to complete Murder Mystery at a fast speed?

1.Activate the quest by talking to the guard around the Sinclair Mansion, located at the north along the path between Seers' Village and Camelot.
2.Go northwest and investigate the sacks in the shed to get 7 flypapers.
3.Go into the house and search the murder scene.
4.Gather the pungent pot and the criminal’s dagger.
5.Get the criminal’s thread after investigating the smashed window.
6.Go around the bedrooms to find 6 silver items within barrels in each room (4 upstairs, 2 on the ground floor).
7.Go to the kitchen and fill your pot with flour.
8.Use flour and flypaper to dust each silver item and the dagger.
9.Compare the silver items’ prints and the dagger’s until getting a match.
10.Talk to the Gossip at the entrance of the mansion.
11.Inside the pub west of the bank in Seers’ Village ask the poison salesman who bought the poison.
12.Talk to the person whose prints matched and learn the reason why they bought poison.
13.Search the item they say they used the poison on and learn who is lying.
14.Drop the silver necklace if you want to keep it.
15.Go back to the guard and give him the evidence you found, including the fingerprints, poison and the thread to close the case.

What rewards to get afterwards?

Upon the completion of the Murder Mystery, you can pick up the silver necklace to keep it and win 3 quest points, 1,406 Crafting experience as well as 2,000 coins.Please remember the outcome of the quest is random. And you can buy RuneScape 2007 gold on our site all the time.

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