Ge3s plays a vital role in reducing and managing energy consumption.

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GE3S specializes in Energy Management Consultancy Dubai Abu Dhabi. Energy management is the art and science of optimum use of energy to maximize profits (minimize costs) and thereby improve the economic competitiveness. The energy should be used efficiently, economically and optimally.Energy management can be defined as the science involving planning, directing, con­trolling the supply and consumption of energy to maximize productivity and comforts and minimize the energy costs and pollution with conscious, judicious and effective use of energy.Energy management helps in reducing and managing energy consumption saves money, and at the same time helps in checking climate change and strengthen corporate reputation. Our main aim of providing an energy management system is to maintain optimum energy utilization throughout the organization. This helps in lowering energy costs and mitigating the effects on the environment.The energy management involves strategy, policy, organizational changes, energy audit, energy conservation measures, administrative actions, training and awareness programmes, monitoring of energy conservation efforts etc.GE3S offers Energy Management Consultancy. The main objectives of Energy Management are:

1. Objectives of supply side:

To formulate energy strategies, plan energy supply on the short-term, mid-term and long-term basis and to ensure an adequate supply of various forms of secondary (usable) energy sources to various consumers in the allocated geographical zone with minimum cost and minimum environmental pollution and to regulate energy flow.

2. Objectives of End-user side:

To select optimum energy forms for consumption and to optimize energy consumption of each form of energy for reducing energy costs and for improving productivity, the standard of living and environment.

In accordance with this generic objective, every end-user organization should have an en­ergy objective statement in written form as a management policy statement.



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