How international teacher exchange is beneficial for schools?

Posted by Amos Fred on June 22nd, 2018

Is your school looking to welcome an exchange teacherin the coming academic year? If so, you've undoubtedly wondered how this might impact your staff and students. The effect that exchange educators have on their host schools is typically very good, but even those familiar with the process of international exchange may not fully understand all of the advantages. Read on to see why you're making a great decision bringing in a teacher from a new location this year!

A Breath of Fresh Air

As a teacher, it's easy to get into a rut. After all, you're teaching the same content over and over, year after year. Your coworkers will be largely the same from year to year, as well, as are your surroundings. It can get very monotonous, after a while!

Welcoming an exchange teacher into your ranks helps to break up that monotony and gives you the feeling of freshness that can reenergize things in your own classroom. Enjoy your new coworker's interesting customs, culture and character; it will add a pleasant twist to your everyday!

A New Perspective

Both students and fellow educators can benefit from the presence of an exchange teacherby gaining a new perspective on a variety of issues. Regardless of what subject you teach or are studying, it is easy to become accustomed to and somewhat numbed by your surroundings when your own is the only culture you regularly experience. By bringing their own, often new and different perspectives to the classroom and teacher's lounge, exchange teachers not only give students a worldview, they can teach their fellow educators a great deal, as well!

Important Exposure

Children are not born with the prejudices and ignorance that society often ingrains into them. One often-overlooked benefit of welcoming an educator from another country of origin into your school is that you give your students the opportunity to see someone from another culture in person, to interact positively with them and become familiar with diversity in their everyday surroundings. This will inevitably help to shape their worldview into a more tolerant, as they experience other cultures up close – all in an environment that is safe and comfortable for them.

Teaching Techniques from Way Out-of-Town

It's well-documented that education styles tend to be somewhat regional, with certain areas sticking with trends that have worked well for their students in the past. The problem with this pattern is that these methods may not be working for today's students, and new techniques might be necessary. Bringing in an exchange teacher is a great way to refresh your teaching methods and introduce students to new ways of thinking and problem-solving.

When you're ready to introduce a fresh face to your staff and students, contact your local exchange program sponsor. You might be surprised just how much your school benefits – and how much you and your students come to love your new staff member!

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