The Craze of Gambling - A Worldwide Phenomenon

Posted by cyntay on September 25th, 2010

The phenomena if gambling just grows in leaps and bounds, and can take many different forms. What is common among most gamblers is they get a thrill of trying their luck in whatever form they participate in. 


There are legal forms of gambling and illegal forms, and whatever you opt for you should be prepared to at times lose money and at times win. It's the chance of winning that keeps many gamblers coming back for more.


There are many form of gambling from legally state run lotteries to the raffle ticket taken at the local church bazaar. From a small bet to vast sums of money changing hands is many spheres around the globe.  Some gambling is done on land based institutions others are available online. The excitement and buzz is whizzing in so many places, you can hear the hum reverberating almost everywhere you go. 


Many cities, counties, states have different rules and regulations regarding what legal and what is forbidden. However, illegal forms of gambling continue in many cases right under the noses of the watch dogs of illegal gambling.


Some of the many forms of gambling that are very popular


  • Casinos:   this is a rapidly growing market that has a huge buzz on the internet, while land based casinos continue to be popular the online casinos are hives of activity that offer the gamer the opportunity to play on slot machines, blackjack, poker, keno, roulette and much more.  With many casinos offering some really grand prizes for players and tournaments that keeps players returning time after time.


  • Sports betting:  this is a growing market for gamers, and betting on NFL in the United States to Football in the UK and other parts of the world, different sports have differing sets of rules. You do need to be aware of your country, city, county and states rules regarding sports betting, some consider it illegal as there is the chance of 'match fixing'.


  • Horse racing:    this has been around for centuries and continues to be an ever popular form of gambling, fortunes have been won and lost, and will continue to entice people to place a bet.


  • Lotteries:  These are often government run, and many linked to charities of choice that benefit from some of the proceeds of the bets placed. You can choose your own numbers or ask the machine to choose for you.  Once again vast sums of money are dealt with, and if the jackpot is not won then often there is a rollover to the next draw.  


Many Lotteries also offer scratch cards where instant amounts of money can be won if a ticket holder scratches three numbers in a row or three pictures.


  • Other choices:   the above is but a few forms of gambling that are popular, others include bingo, the stock market, dog races, donkey races, card games to bets on chess games, to illegal Chinese far fi, to street betting, and the list goes on.


It's not surprising that gambling is popular, as it's within mans nature to want to predict an outcome on some aspect of life.  Gambling is not going to go away, it's definitely here to stay.



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