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Posted by kexconsulting on June 25th, 2018

It’s also important to include strong benefits on your supplement label design. The wording for your labels must be easy-to-read and clear for a wide variety of reading levels. Additionally, it is vitally important to ensure that you have covered all of your bases legally for your supplement label design.


Legal text required for supplement labels in the U.S.

Five statements are legally required on all supplements sold in the United States. These include the name of the supplement, the quantity of the contents of the supplement, the nutritional information, ingredients and the name and location of the business of the manufacturer. KEX Consulting can help you to ensure that you have all the necessary legal information on your supplement label design.

Be sure to only use health claims that meet FDA standards and regulations. Be sure to clearly state that your supplements are not proven to treat any diseases. Remember, that your supplements must include nutritional information. Additionally, if trans-fat is included at more than .5 percent, this must also be clearly labeled on supplements in the United States.

Information regarding allergies should also be included. For example, if any component of your supplement is manufactured in a facility that also handles nuts, this can be life and death information for those with peanut allergies, which can be quite serious. This information must be printed on your supplement label design.


Supplement claims

The U.S. is also quite stringent when it comes to the types of claims that are made on supplement labels. For example, wording such as antioxidant, good source, light, low calorie, cholesterol, and healthy are just some of the words that are policed rather heavily by the FDA. To ensure that your supplement brand is complying with FDA regulations, KEX Consulting will help you to create a supplement label design that is not only well-designed but also legally sound.


Why Is Supplement Label Design Important

Supplement label design is an incredibly important component in creating your own supplement brand. As the consumer demand for supplements continues to increase, you’ll find that more and more competitors are entering the field. Developing an aesthetically-pleasing supplement label design for your brand will help your product to resonate with your target audience. Successful brand design and promotion will help to boost your supplement’s sales.

Our supplement label design process

For KEX Consulting, it’s incredibly important to provide our clients with support from the beginning to the end of the design process. We’ll be there with you for the market research to help you understand the tactics, designs and color schemes that are currently being utilized by your competitors in the industry. Then, we’ll brainstorm a variety of different eye-catching supplement label designs for you to choose from. Once we’ve narrowed down our choices, our expert design team will whip up some mockups with different styles of text and image placement for the supplement label design.

Supplement label designs that work the best

Through our years of experience in the industry, we’ve found that bright and bold designs with easy readability work best with customers. Listing benefits clearly on the front of the supplement label design also works very well. Call outs with the strongest benefits are a way to grab customers’ attention and additional information on the sides of the label are a way to keep their attention.

The best colors for supplement label design

Colors that work well with the supplement industry include shades of green. Why? Customers who buy supplements care about their health. They have a healthy approach to life and enjoy feeling that they’re making healthy purchasing decisions. The color green is often associated with the environment. Additionally, this is a very gender-neutral color, which can appeal to both men and women. Blue is also a calming color that can also have a sense of authority for your supplement label design, depending on the shade of blue that you choose. Shades of yellow, orange, or lime green can also be great attention-catching colors. We often use these colors for call outs, or highlights on the supplement packaging in order to get customers’ attention fast.

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