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Posted by Maggie on June 26th, 2018

Currently the Deadman Summer Finals are running until June 30, during which there are more than 2000 players competing for 000 in prize money. Besides, at the end of the Finals you will be able to take part in the new season and buy Deadman Autumn Season Gold 2018 with 6% off from RSorder. Now,Let's learn OSRS Deadman Summer Finals beta related details,And don't forget to Buy Runescape Gold on our store,more off is waiting for you.There will be a beta playthrough of the final stages of the Deadman summer Finals 2018,will take place on Thursday 21st June at 2pm BST (9am EST).It is going to be held on World 400.

Hi!The New Season will begin very soon,Are you Ready to Join it with 6% off Deadman Autumn Season gold on Professional Gaming Site-Rsorder (Code:OSRSDM)

Deadman Summer Finals details

Right now the top 2000 players from the Deadman Summer Season and 160 players affected by the logout error from the Spring Finals are competing for a total of 000 in prize money during the Deadman Summer Finals, which will culminate in the Permadeath Stage beginning at 7:30pm BST on June 30.

Besides, if you are interested in who will take home the 000 grand-prize, please keep an eye on the official twitch of Old School RuneScape from now on till June 30.

Buy Deadman Autumn Season gold at the beginning of new season

As we all know, the new season will be starting at the end of Summer Finals. And if you need to buy Deadman Autumn Season gold, you can choose RSorder, which will provide enough DMM Seasonal gold as soon as the new season begins. And we believe we will be the first choice for you to get any RS products once you have placed an order here because of our 10 minutes delivery & 100% satisfaction guarantee. Not to mention that the price of our products is very competitive at this field.

The world will be accessible from 2pm BST (9am EST) and you will be given 15 minutes to login and prepare,The supply chests will be included in the beta playthrough.And the new contingency measures will also be tested,The event is expected to last around 90 minutes

One thing you need to pay attention :Be sure to register for the event on twitch page to get notified when the tournament kicks off!All in all, Rsorder is really a finest and cheapest site to obtain RuneScape gold for sale. will meet your requires whenever you come to visit us. Move to buy RuneScape gold low-cost to ensure you will have chances to obtain the appealing and beneficial rewards! Hope you can get a lot more awesome benefits!

Above all, you can enjoy the current Summer Finals and prepare Deadman Autumn Season gold 2018 as much as possible once the Autumn Season begins. Never forget RSorder will always be around for all of you.

Hi!The New Season will begin very soon,Are you Ready to Join it with 6% off Deadman Autumn Season gold on Professional Gaming Site-Rsorder (Code:OSRSDM) Buy early from

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