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Posted by loreen on June 26th, 2018

Hadoop, part of Apache project by Apache Software Foundation, is an open-source Java-based software framework that allows processing of large data sets. It provides enormous data storage space with excellent processing power and impeccable multitasking for jobs at hand. Hadoop actually uses a network of computers in solving issues with huge amount of data and computation. In order to improve the skills, it is highly recommended to enroll for Hadoop Classroom Training In Bangalore.

Hadoop lets you store Big Data in a distributed manner so that it can be processed simultaneously. There are two focus areas in Hadoop – Storage and Processing.

  • Storage - Called as HDFS, Hadoop distributed File System, stores data of different formats across a cluster. It allows storage of huge files (GB, TB) across multiple machines
  • Processing–Known as Yarn, involves processing of data stored over the HDFS.

Why Hadoop?

Traditional data handling systems are unable to manage “Big data” due to the following factors:

  • Massive Data: Traditional systems, given the architecture, are unable to handle huge data, which is taking exponential jumps every moment.
  • Varied Data – As today’s data is structured as well as unstructured and  gets generated in different forms like audio, video, pictures; need to have a suitable data processor that can accommodate different data types originating from different sources.
  • Speed of accessing and processing data: Traditional systems have their own limitations regarding the speed of accessing and processing data and cannot be efficient and reliable option in case of Big Data handling.

Apache Spark

Another cluster-computing framework is Spark or Apache Spark; however, it does not have its own file distribution system and is basically a processing unit like yarn in Hadoop. Therefore, it depends on Hadoop or some other solution. Spark is like Hadoop MapReduce, which deals with computing and processing part.

As data has qualified as a valuable resource, the business world is investing heavily to ensure better technologies are employed for data management. With ever increasing data, Big Data, the IT industry needs and will need professionals who specialize in Big Data handling application like Hadoop and Apache Spark. To secure a career in Big Data handling, you can sign up to quality for the Best Spark Training In Bangalore.

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