Tips for changing your kid?s bed wetting habit

Posted by lsmchiropractic on June 26th, 2018

Has the bed wetting habit of your growing up toddler become your headache?  Do not consider yourself as the only unfortunate parent on earth who suffers from this problem. If you ask parents, you will find that every third or fourth parent suffers from this crisis.
Instead of losing hope, you have to be patient and consider it as a phase that will phase out soon if you follow some handy practices. Here are some of the tips that you can take into account. Check out!

Schedule bathroom visits
The chiropractors offering Bed Wetting Treatment Fitchburg suggest that you have to make fixed schedule for the bathroom breaks of your toddler. Generally, toddlers urinate after an interval of one to two hours initially which increases later on to two to three hours.
You have to devote this time and take your kid to the bathroom after an interval of one hour initially. Gradually, increase this span to two hours and then three hours when your child learns to give you some indication that he will urinate.
Here we need to tell you that you that in the initial phases, you have to keep your patience and encourage your kid to make scheduled visit to the bathroom even if he does not feel the pressure.

Plan out fluid intake
The experts suggest that there should be specific schedule for making your kid consume fluid.  The plan should be planned in such a manner that your kid will drink maximum fluids in the daytime and minimal after evening.

You must limit fluid intake to –‘on demand’ basis after seven of clock in the evening.  However, you have to be simultaneously careful that your kid drinks seven to eight litres of fluids a day. This explains that you have to plan out how much fluid you will give to your toddler during the day time what will be the quantity of consumption after evening.
Be calculative about caffeine and citrus fruits intake
Medical researchers have shown that some varieties of food and drink cause bladder irritation and make your kid urinate. Among food products include caffeinated drinks that comprise of cocoa, chocolate, coffee and carbonated soft drinks. When children consume these foods more, they cause bladder irritation and make the child rush to the bathroom more often.  

The same thing applies for citrus fruits and fruit juices like sweet lime, orange, strawberry and lemon. Therefore, see to it that your kid does not consume much citrus fruits and fruit juices after 5 o’clock in the evening.  

You have to be equally calculative when you let your kid contain artificial sweetening agents like cakes, pastries, cookies and sweetened drinks. If you allow your kid to consume foods and drinks containing too much of artificial sweetening agents in the evening, his bed wetting habit will persist.

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