How to place order virtually and pay digitally via payment gateway

Posted by Oaky Web on June 26th, 2018

Payment gateway is a service provided by an ecommerce development company that facilitates the client to use and instead of carrying hard cash, pay digitally. Payment gateway is the essentially required element for an ecommerce website to have and accommodate the user an ease to pay online.

Why payment gateway is required?

Every ecommerce site has an objective to sell goods & services online and receive payment in consideration, Payment Gateway plays crucially role in that to allow online buyers to pay digitally by using the platform and

Quality of a good payment gateway:

• Strong connection with shopping cart item and prices.

• Secured and encrypted payment system

• Bug free easy 2 step or 3 step strong system

• Should have section wise payment details such as product price, delivery charge, discount, GST etc.

• Offers an opportunity to save card detail for future payment but does not keep the record strictly.

• It must be easy, speedy and time bound too to keep the financial transaction secured.

How does it work?

Whenever a registered customer places an order from the ecommerce site, the portal moves forward to payment gateway and give him option to pay online or on delivery, in deeper the it works as follows:


Transaction between vendor and site server is being encrypted by web server than it sends the data to payment processor of vendor's bank.

Authorization request

If the payment is made by card than processor verifies the card detail with associated bank and if found right than approves the transaction else denies to take next step.

Order filing

Processor than send authorization to vendor and customer's payment gateway and after receiving the right response the gateway sends a feedback to site and order process further for logistics accordingly.

Other functional work of an online payment gateway

• Verify the delivery address to ship the order

• Address verification

• Computer finger printing

• Velocity pattern analysis

• Analysis the duplicity detection

• Geographical location analysis

How to set up a payment gateway

A legal business and its ecommerce site are the essential elements to set up a payment gateway. You have to obtain tax id number, bank account, domain name etc. Payment gateway is a platform that accepts money from valid debit card, credit card, Net banking, third party such PayTm and PayPal etc. The third party payment option gives an opportunity to accept money from digital wallets and transfer it to bank account.

Payment gateway is an essential element for an Ecommerce website hence an ecommerce development company in Delhi NCR or nearby your location is to not only built a digital solution for you firm but also create a strong payment gateway for financial transaction. In today's unsafe culture Digital transaction furnishes an opportunity to not to carry the amount in huge market hence made digital payment for valuable items. Walking on street is now has become the most tiresome and time consuming g task for every hence the pay prefers use ecommerce site from the internet and place order and payment plays the crucial role in that.

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