5 Useful Things You Need for a Profitable Dairy Business

Posted by mtaylor0083 on June 27th, 2018

You may have grown up helping your family in dairy or worked on one for a summer job – in any of these cases, you may be inspired to start a dairy business. Here are some useful tips to make your dairy business as beneficial as possible.


Develop a business plan

Like any other business, you need a business plan with detailed strategies and analysis. Identify the resources you have and will need for the success of your farm, for example, the number of cows, labor, cost of bills, the requirement of machinery, how many machines you need, and so on. Your business plan should also include cash flow and expectation for expenses and cost of production.

Take help from experts

Even if you grew up learning all about dairy business from your parents or grandparents, it is necessary to consult experts in the industry to stay aware of the current business plan and management system. Talk with banders, fellow producers, and spend time attending field days and workshops at a dairy farm. You can also visit dairy farms in other states. Ask multiple questions from several dairy farms to collect maximum information.

Machinery and equipment

The requirement for machinery and equipment depends on your scale of operation. However, some machinery is quintessential, for example, chaff cutter machine, milk cans, milking pails, etc. If you are planning to start with 20+ milch animals, machine milking can be an economical and convenient. Fans and cooling devices in animal shades for protection against heat is another requirement. If you don’t want to spend money on first-hand equipment, you can consider purchasing second-hand dairy equipment. It will save you some extra bucks.

Cropping and feeding

Consult a nutritionist to decide the best rations for lactating cows, calves, dry cows, etc. Depending on your needs, you can choose of graze cattle, total mixed ration or a combination of both. Dairy requires certain nutrients to produce milk and growing calves.

Waste management

Dairies produce a lot of waste. If managed properly, it can become a great resource for your farm. Apart from being great manure for your cropland, it can be composted. It will provide additional revenue.

Every dairy needs manure management and nutrient management plan. Check for your local extension officer and soil and water conservation district to check for qualifying nutrient and manure management programs.

Hope these tips will come useful when starting your dairy business.