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Why Spark Anomaly Detection Is Essential For E-Commerce

Posted by emmathompson on June 27th, 2018

The Spark is changing the world as it did when humans first got the fires burning. Indeed, throughout the human civilization, there have been moments when innovation and right mix of effort and genius has produced solutions to the problems of the mankind. In today’s world where everything seems to be happening online, the importance of spark streaming analytics cannot be overstated. For one it is essential for the smooth running of the economy which now has shifted to the online platform. Yes, when we talk about the business we talk about e-commerce as it has completely revolutionized how the businesses and indeed the customers interact with each other.

As in the conventional businesses a big challenge is to keep your business safe from the predators and individuals who want to take advantage of any loopholes in the system. From that, you had security guards, safety alarms and what not but online you have only spark anomaly detection which can safeguard your business and prevent fraudsters and unscrupulous individuals from harming your interests and running away with the information and those hard-earned dollars.

spark anomaly detection is critical for e-commerce companies because it can detect and raise alarm in the real-time if some suspicious activity is found the streaming data before it results into lost revenue, negative social media comments, embarrassing news articles, or calls from upset customers.
The e-commerce companies normally track aspects such as purchases, page views or unique website visitors, failed payment transactions, or abandoned sales carts as these are the metrics which are most closely tied to revenue for e-commerce businesses and thus directly impact the bottom line.
Anomaly detection is essential for a business’s success, and there is a reason for that. Real-time anomaly detection requires sophisticated machine learning algorithms which not only instantly and accurately identify anomalies but are also smart enough to adjust to long-term shifts because, in e-commerce, everything is under flux – prices, products, discounts, rebate, to name a few.

based real-time automated anomaly detection helps e-commerce businesses scale up by allowing them to avoid the delays, errors, and costs of manual anomaly detection. The faster a problem is detected, the faster it can be fixed, resulting in less money lost which in turn means higher profits.

Indeed, spark anomaly detection is the way to go to catch hold of the fraudsters who indulge in credit card frauds and other means to dupe companies. The spark anomaly detection works on the data even before it reaches the database, so the action can be taken even before the transaction has taken place if the system sense something fishy. No wonder the spark is taking the world by storm!

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