The Diversity of Indian Food Recipes

Posted by shrikantsharma on June 28th, 2018

This article aims to throw light to the vastness of the various delicacies of the Indian Food Recipes. You will get to know food recipes of different parts of India. Just like cultural diversity, the diversity in the Indian food recipes will amaze you. Read on further to know more.

The method of cooking food in India is different in different parts the nation. No other country has ever produced the many varieties of spices and vegetables that Indians use in there food. Namely, six different flavors one can explore in the Indian cuisine i.e.: spicy, sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and astringent. The versatility of these spices and its different exotic flavors leads to the diversity of Indian food recipes.

In India, the manner of cooking changes from region to region but all these food recipes can be primarily divided into two different cuisines namely, North Indian and South Indian.

North Indian Cuisine - North Indian food recipes includes lots of herbs and spices in them like ginger, garlic, cardamom, green chilies, asafetida, cinnamon, coriander, turmeric, etc. All these spices not only adds flavor to the food but also have their own health benefits. Staple foods items like wheat, pulses, and rice are important ingredients to use in most of the recipes.

The North Indian Cuisine can be further categorized according to the different regions as:

* Kashmiri Cuisine
* Mughlai Cuisine
* Awadhi Cuisine
Bengali Cuisine
Bihari Cuisine
* Punjabi Cuisine

South Indian Cuisine- South Indian food recipes include many local herbs and spices, many of which are exported, and have a uniqueness to all its dishes. South Indian food recipes are rich in spices many of which are beneficial for health and cure many diseases. Much of these recipes are prepared alongside Sāmbhar or coconut chutney.

South Indian recipes include ingredients like plantain, tamarind, coconut, snake gourd, etc. Fresh green and dried red chilies are commonly used in preparing South Indian recipes. Among these ingredients, coconut has a major role in forming most of these recipes. Coconut oil is used in place of vegetable oil to cook food while the rest of the coconut is used in preparing wide varieties of curry and sweets.

Modern Tradition of Indian food recipes

Alongside the North Indian and the South Indian recipes, there are many inter mixed dishes, which has emerged in recent times. With many people migrating and traveling to different countries the Indian food recipes have gone for vast transformation by bringing in different dishes from various parts of the world. People have transformed many of the French, Italian, Chinese recipes into various Indian food items with the help of the vast and exquisite varieties of ingredients and vegetables available in different parts of India.

Author writes for various food blogs and magazines related to Indian food and cuisines. For more information on Indian Food recipes, please check out the website Living Foodz.

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