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Posted by private text messaging on June 28th, 2018

Phone call has made communication much easier, simple, cheaper and faster. There are people who never like to make anonymous phone calls, or hide their personal phone numbers when calling,

because they don’t want to be called back or don’t want to expose their identity. Making anonymous calls can be really helpful sometimes and one of the best way to do that is to get an anonymous phone number to keep your personal number private.

When you see an advertisement on the street and you are interested and would like to call for more details. But you are worried that later you may get endless unwanted calls from the advertiser. What will you do in this situation? Calling from an anonymous phone number would be a great idea. After you make an anonymous call, the advertiser won’t be able to find out who you are. If he/she calls you back from time to time, you can just suspend the number since your personal number won’t be affected.

Suppose that you witnessed a crime, would you call the police? You could be in trouble or even in danger if the criminal found it. Why not make an anonymous call to report the crime? So your identity won’t be exposed and you will be safe.

If you are in dilemma that your phone bill is always checked, to protect your privacy, making anonymous phone calls is also a good idea. By calling with an anonymous phone number, the numbers you call won’t show up on your phone bill and your identity will be kept totally private.

CoverMe anonymous calling app gives users anonymous phone numbers. You can call someone anonymously without exposing your personal number and no matter which number you contact, there is no record on phone bill.

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