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Posted by clever ativity on June 28th, 2018

You can’t know the performance of your marketing until you carry out an accurate performance measurement and reporting to know the success or failure of your inbound marketing efforts. Tools to do this include;

• Performance measurement

• Sales and Leads Tracking

• ROI Tracking


What Are The Benefits of Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is the type of marketing that you cannot afford to overlook if getting right traffics, reducing the cost of leads, getting qualified leads, increasing visibility of your business and making more sales is your priority. Here are other benefits of inbound marketing:



Inbound Marketing is cheaper than your ineffectual traditional marketing strategies. It cost 62% less per lead when you compare it to outbound marketing.



Overall, inbound marketing is more effective than traditional outbound marketing. About 66% of buyers show that what influences their decision in choosing a solution provider is consistent and relevant communication from inbound marketing.

Reduce sales cycle

It greatly reduces your sale cycle. A research shows that nurtured leads have a 23% lesser sales cycle and a 9% higher average deal size.


Increased Revenue

Inbound Marketing leads to an increase in revenue especially for companies that have automated lead management process. Despite the uncertain economy, automating lead management through inbound marketing can lead to an increase in revenue by at least 10% within 6 to 9 months.

Why choose us?

At Cleverativity, we help you to put the pieces of the often confusing inbound marketing puzzle together in order to supercharge your client connections. We make use of your brand identity and current marketing efforts to determine a step-by-step plan of attack. We not only educate you but we also analyse your current marketing efforts, implement an effective inbound marketing with experience, passion and dedication to your sales funnel. We not only analyse and attract the right traffic to your products, but we also make sure the convert into high quality leads and happy customers.

We have years of experience helping businesses with inbound marketing. We are results driven and have helped businesses to get the right results. We work within your budget while also giving you high quality of service. We know where and how to attract the right audience and channel them down your sales funnel.


With Inbound Marketing, Your Business Will

Inbound Marketing is permission based method of internet marketing that focuses on using contents on your website to bring in high quality relevant and converting traffic to your website. It is a marketing strategy that is based on creating quality content that pulls people to your product and your business, where they naturally want to be. It majorly involves aligning the content on your website with your customer’s interest so that you can naturally attract inbound traffic that is sure to convert, close and delight over time.

With Inbound marketing, your business will

• Get Found

• Get a boost in your Google rankings

• Generate More qualified leads

• Lower cost per lead

• Reduce the sales cycle and

• Increase leads, sales and ROI.

Inbound Marketing combines content marketing such as engaging blog articles, effective search engine optimization techniques, social media and lead nurturing strategies that will move your leads through your sales funnel. Successful inbound marketing is the one that is targeted at generating qualified leads and reducing the sales cycle. It has proven itself to be very effective in helping both big and small enterprise-level brands to reach their marketing goals.

What is included in an Inbound Marketing Service?

When we say “sharing is caring”, we are talking about inbound marketing in summary. Inbound Marketing is all about creating attractive contents and sharing them with the world. By coming up with contents that is meant to appeal to your dream customers, inbound attracts qualified prospects to your business at the right time. Your marketing will become more relevant and helpful to your customers, not interruptive. Now that’s the type of marketing people tend to love.

Inbound Marketing includes many services depending on your company needs; below are some of the services;

Plan – Analysis and Strategy

This is the first stage of inbound marketing. It involves comprehensive analysis of your business to know where need fixing. The analysis done in this stage includes;

• Competitive analysis

• Keyword research

• Demand analysis

• Customer life cycle analysis

Attract – Traffic Generation

This is the stage to attract the right people. The truth is we don’t just want any type of traffic, we need the right traffic. You know the one that converts to lead and ultimately become our happy customers known as “buyer personas”. Personas are the people whom you built your whole business around. Some of tools to attract these right traffics include:

• Blogging

• Content marketing

• Search engine optimization

• Landing Pages

• Social publishing

• Social media marketing

Convert – Traffic Turn Into Leads

Converting the visitors you’ve attracted to your website by gathering their Contact Information is the next major step. You need to find a way to reach them at least through their email addresses. To an online marketer, getting contact information is like discovering a gold mine. You need to offer visitors something in return before they can be willing to give you their contact information. Some of the tools for converting traffics to leads include:

• Attract offers

• Landing pages

• Contact Forms

• Filliable forms

• Call-to-action

Engage – Leads Into Sales

Here is where you transform your leads into customers. To do this effectively, you need some marketing tools which include:

• Lead management

• Lead Segmentation

• Lead Nurturing

• Email Marketing

• Closed-loop Reporting

• Customer Relationship Management

• Marketing Automation

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