Benefits of Spring Boot: How It Boosts Productivity

Posted by Sakshi Gupta on June 28th, 2018

Wondering what the Spring Boot is? It’s a very popular framework to understand. It is used to create stand-alone, production-grade spring based enterprise applications and develop various webs. Spring has developed different types of projects over time and spring boost is one of them.

“Spring Boot makes it easy to create stand-alone, production-grade Spring based Applications that you can “just run” the official definition of Spring Boot

Read on this blog to have in-depth information about spring boot.

Why Spring Boot?

As said earlier, Spring Boot is a very popular framework. Let’s prove it.

Suppose that you have created a Spring MVC Hibernate MySQL project.

When you start working on this project, you may be messed up with lots of versions and dependencies it requires. For you’ll need to configure the following:

  • DataSource
  • EntitymanagerFactory
  • TransactionManager, etc.

It would surely be easier if you are provided with a tool to do it automatically. That’s where the importance of spring boot comes in.

It’s a type of technology that can take care of the entire above configuration. With the help of Spring Boot, you will be able to reduce almost half of the code. Since it can provide you with a lot of default configurations, it’s easy and faster to create spring applications


There are many benefits you can cultivate when using spring boot. Some of them have been given here.

  • Default configurations – Spring boot provides you with developing default configurations. It helps you can create spring application faster.
  • Embedded tomcat – It has also jetty server or embedded tomcat. So, you need not worry about deploying jar.
  • Reduced codes – With it, you are escaped from working on several complex codes as spring boot reduces development code by avoiding a lot of boilerplate code.  
  • Boosts productivity – Because it allows you to create spring application quicker than ever, it leads to boost the productivity.
  • Expert integration – With this tool, you have a lot of starter project for easy and expert integration. So, you need to worry about the version mismatch.

Due to demand for Spring Boost in the businesses, it’s good to upgrade your knowledge and learn about the Spring Boot. It not just increases your knowledge but also brings you a better career option. Many platforms are available that offer Spring Boot tutorial. Look for one of the trusted ones to enhance your knowledge and have expertise in the Spring Boot.

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