Get Rid of the ?Damp Basement? Feeling with Poly Insulation Panels

Posted by Andrew Oldroyd on June 28th, 2018

Insulation panels are used for durable under-slab insulation and radiant floor heating installations. The poly insulation panels are made by inserting one polystyrene layer between two steel plate layers that vary in density and thickness. These are used for external and internal walls, roofs, ceilings of production facilities, warehouses, and residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. They can be used for external and internal walls of any structure that is still in the process of construction.

Here are a few advantages of poly insulation panels:

  • They reduce the heating costs of the construction
  • They do not negatively affect the environment.
  • They are soundproof and waterproof.
  • Installing them is a quick and easy process.
  • There is no need for strict maintenance.

The fact that poly insulation panels eliminate dampness and condensation under most conditions help the product to meet and surpass the requirements of ASTM C578 standard specification for the rigid cellular polystyrene thermal insulation (ref: These insulation panels are a 100% recyclable and the best of the material would conform with the Uniform Building Code, the Basic Building Code, the Standard Building Code, and would have FHA (Federal Housing Administration) acceptance.

The poly insulation panels can easily be trimmed with a knife and can be held in place with latex adhesive mastic or by friction fit. The providers of the panels also offer expert assistance to the buyer. The professionals competent in construction can perform the installation, or an inexperienced person can perform it with the help of a do-it-yourself instruction manual. The panels can be installed with standard tools, and they help in protecting the paneling from damage. The poly insulation panels also do not require supplement vapor barrier and are fixed up with adhesive or mechanical support.

The poly insulation panels are lightweight, durable, closed-cell, premium quality rigid and high in performance kind of insulation. They are known to reduce the cost of energy and are ideal for basement walls that give out a ‘damp basement’ feeling every time somebody enters it. The noise outside is deadened as well as the panels are soundproof leaving the building peaceful and secured to live and work on. Ultimately investing in the poly insulation panels gives the owner of the building a win-win situation to be glad about at the end of the day. It is affordable, durable and turns out to be beneficial for an investor in the long-run.

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